Upcoming Summer J-Dramas, 2010

June 30, 2010

July is right around the corner, which means Japanese dramas will kick off in a couple of days or in a few weeks. Now, I didn’t put every single upcoming drama down, since that would be a bit too much for me. I did list dramas that have captured my attention or have actors that I like. As for checking out all these dramas, maybe I will, but I shall be checking out a few. It depends on my schedule and if I can find any in English subtitles. If you are curious about other upcoming dramas aside from these (in the post), check out this forum at Crunchyroll.

EDIT: Air date for Hotaru no Hikaru 2.

Title: 熱海の捜査官 / Atami no Sousakan
Network: TV Asahi
Episodes: Unknown
Airs: July 23, 2010 – …
Stars: Odagiri Joe, Kuriyama Chiaki
Description: Three years ago in Atami, Japan, a school bus with four female high school students disappeared. Now, one of the high school students suddenly appears. National investigators Kenzo Hoshizaki (Odagiri Joe) and Sae Kitajima (Kuriyama Chiaki) set out to uncover the truth of their disappearance.

Title: 崖っぷちのエリー~この世でいちばん大事な“カネ”の話 / Gakeppuchi no Eri ~ Kono Yo de Ichiban Daiji na ‘Kane’ no Hanashi
Network: TV Asahi
Episodes: Unknown
Airs: July 9, 2010 – …
Cast: Yamada Yu, Tsukaji Muga, Koizumi Kotaro, Tanaka Yoji, Osugi Ren, Jinnai Takanori, Watanabe Eri
Description: The series covers the life of a young woman named Eriko (Yamada Yu). She has had to endure a difficult life of poverty to due large debts left behind by her parents. Eriko then moves to Tokyo to pursue a career as a manga writer.

Network: TV Asahi
Episodes: Unknown
Airs: July 9, 2010 – …
Cast: Hayami Mokomichi, Shida Mirai, Higa Manami
Description: Yu (Hayami Mokomichi), a genius con artist, escapes from a police vehicle. He becomes a teacher by the name of Hachisuka Goro at the school that he has taken refuge at, and makes use of every con artist technique to beat some character into the problem students at ‘hammer sessions’.

Title: ホタルノヒカリ 2/ Hotaru no Hikaru 2
Network: NTV
Episodes: Unknown
Airs: July 7, 2010 – …
Cast: Haruka Ayase, Fujiki Naohito
Description: In “Hotaru no Hikari 2,” homebody Hotaru Amemiya (Haruka Ayase) becomes romantically involved with a manager named Seichi Takano (Naohito Fujiki). Hotaru Aemiya now seriously considers marriage …

Title: ジョーカー 許されざる捜査官 / Joker: Yurusarezaru Sousakan
Network: Fuji TV
Episodes: Unknown
Airs: July 13, 2010 – …
Cast: Sakai Masato, Nishikido Ryo, Anne
Description: Inspector Date Kazuyoshi (Sakai Masato) is a mild-mannered, soft detective of Kanagawa Prefecture’s First Investigative Division by day, but becomes a ruthless punisher who crushes brutal criminals by night. He is teamed up with Miyashiro Asuka (Anne), a rookie detective who is the daughter of his good friend, Miyashiro Natsuki, who joined the police force in the same year.

Title: 美丘 / Mioka
Network: NTV
Episodes: Unknown
Airs: July 2010 – …
Cast: Yoshitaka Yuriko, Hayashi Kento
Description: Mioka (Yuriko Yoshitaka) is a university student who receives devastating news from her doctor that she has an incurable disease with only a limited time to live. Mioka then encounters a “final love” with fellow university student Taichi (Kento Hayashi). Meanwhile, Mioka’s family attempts to protect Mioka.

Title: 天使のわけまえ / Tenshi no Wakemae
Network: NHK
Episodes: 5
Airs: July 6, 2010 – August 3, 2010
Cast: Mizuki Arisa
Description: 35 year old Kurumi (Arisa Mizuki) loses nearly everything when her fiance leaves her with all of their possessions. Kurumi has only 15,000 yen left ($164 USD) and boxes of rice balls left. In total dispair, Kurumi happens upon a construction and hands out the rice balls to the workers. Kurumi experiences a minor epiphany and seizes upon this moment to turn her life around …

Title: 鉄の骨 / Tetsu no Hone
Network: NHK
Episodes: 5
Airs: July 3, 2010 – July 31, 2010
Cast: Koike Teppei, Toyohara Kosuke, Jinnai Takanori
Description: Koike plays a young employee of a general contracting company who faces a moral dilemma when he is forced to participate in bid-rigging.

Title: 逃亡弁護士 / Toubou Bengoshi / The Fugitive Lawyer
Network: Fuji TV, KTV
Episodes: 5
Airs: July 6, 2010 – August 3, 2010
Stars: Kamiji Yusuke, Ishihara Satomi, Kitamura Kazuki
Description: Narita Makoto (Kamiji Yusuke), a passionate lawyer with a strong sense of justice, has been framed for murder, arson as well as embezzlement, and become a wanted person in Japan. While on the run, he uses his knowledge of the law to solve the problems of the people he meets, and searches for the real criminal in order to clear his own name.

Title: うぬぼれ刑事 / Unubore Deka / Conceited Detective
Network: NHK
Episodes: 5
Airs: July 3, 2010 – July 31, 2010
Cast: Nagase Tomoya, Ikuta Toma, Nakashima Mika
Description: A 30-year-old single detective (Nagase Tomoya), who is under the illusion that he is popular with females is called ‘Unubore’ by friends. He is an ultra romantic and susceptible to conceitedness. He has such a strong desire to marry to the extent that he has bought an apartment for his newlywed life. He falls in love with female criminals at first sight each time. While the sheer desire to meet wraps around him, he will get proof that the female is the culprit. And so, he will thrust both the arrest warrant and marriage papers at her, proposing with the words, “If you marry me, I won’t arrest you.” If that still does not work, he will hold out an engagement ring and his handcuff. In the end, the criminal will choose to be arrested and his heart will be broken. He will cry as he puts the handcuffs on her.

Conceited Detective


  1. 天使のわけまえ sounds the most interesting to me, partly because of the plot and partly because the lead actress shares her first name with me!

    • Ah! I didn’t notice her name before! xD So far, I really want to watch Yamada Yu’s new drama, Unubore Deka (the cast is interesting and Mika’s in there!), The Fugitive Lawyer, and HAMMER SESSION!

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