Yamada Yu’s poverty-stricken from the Past

July 8, 2010

A press conference for new drama “Gakeppuchi no Ellie ~Kono yode ichiban taisetsuna kane no hanashi~” was held on the 7th, where Yamada Yu and other cast members appeared.

The drama is about the success story of a poor manga author.  Due to the content of the movie, the cast members shared a poverty-stricken episode at the press conference. Yamada Yu said, “When I just moved to Tokyo from Okinawa, I was so poor.  I spent only 100 yen (about $.90) every 3 days.”  A comedian, Tsukaji Muga also said, “I wanted eat ramen so bad when I only had 6 yen, so I went to the ramen restautant, and smelled it through the vent.”

However, one of the cast members, Koizumi Kotaro, who is from a rich governor’s family said that he has no poverty-stricken episode – so all of the other cast members booed him.  The drama will start on July 9th.

SOURCE: Tokyohive



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