Bad Guy Ending at Episode 17

July 12, 2010

The producers of drama Bad Guy have decided to shorten the number of episodes from 20 to 17. It was a decision that they had to make because of Kim Nam-Gil’s entrance to the military training camp starting from July 15th. Even with ending in 17 episodes, all of the cast members spent all day and night in filming the drama for past few weeks and had to ask permission to leave the filming grounds.

This means we won’t be seeing Kim Nam-Gil for 2 years. Be ready to say good bye to Kim Nam-Gil….

Well, as most of you know, I am new to the Korean media scene. I’ve seen Kim Nam-Gil around though I haven’t seen him in any dramas or movies, but I am planning on watching Bad Guy. I’m still baffled that Korean dramas air and film at the same time, it would be so much easier if they would just shot it all and than air it. I wonder why K-dramas are like that?

SOURCE: allkoreangossip



  1. We saw him first in Be Strong Geum Soon. He was only in a few episodes then …..welllll I do not want to give anything away! He looks TOTALLY different now. I look forward to watching this drama for “other” reasons!!!

  2. You ask why? They have this crazy idea of filming and airing at the same time in order to adapt the drama to audience reactions in order to garner better ratings.

    This can help them salvage certain aspects if a drama starts lagging, but creates nightmares for actors and crew. Kdrama Road Number 1 breaks tradition as the director did not want to do that and so most (if not all filming) was done before it even began airing.

    • Thanks! I figured it was for ratings, but I wasn’t totally sure!

  3. Another year to go…

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