I’m back

July 24, 2010

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France

Europe is amazing and gorgeous! It was nice and humid there, well when I went South from Paris, that’s when the heat truly began for me. I really do not like heat at all, especially with humidity. It equals danger for me and I always try to find the closest air conditioned building. It really did not help when I was in Florence and almost all the stores were opened, which meant no air conditioner was circulating inside. I suffered so much torture from the heat! And all the walking did not help! It was fun though!

I sure visited many places between France and Italy. Paris, Nice, Monaco, and Siena to name a few. Now that I am back, I’m stuck playing catch up. I probably won’t make any updates for another 2 – 3 days, it really depends on my mood and how tired I am. I was suffering jetlag yesterday. I forced myself to stay up the whole entire day and knocked out around 9-ish. I could not last any longer.

Siena Square in Siena, Italy

In the near future. I just started on my Orange Days review and that will probably be posted next week or so. I also have to finish half of my summer homework and have relatives over so that may cause more of a delay. I have no motivation to watch any dramas at the moment, I’m in a video game phase right now. I had no source of video games (well, I had my DS but I did not play it at all) or computer access (I did have sources, but I did not want to pay to use a computer) while I was there. Hopefully, I’ll tackle back into Nodame Cantabile and have my drama fling again.


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