BoA Returns to Korea

July 28, 2010

I come back from Europe and search the web to play catch up and what do I find? BoA already released the music video GAME from her sixth Korean album titled Hurricane Venus. The full album is going to be released August 5 while the title track, Hurricane Venus, will be released August 2.

Yesterday, BoA released a new ballad track called Person Next To Me/Stand by from Hurricane Venus. The ballad is written by Kim Dong Ryul and is about being close to somebody you love, but concealing your feelings, and the tragic emotion of looking at him or her from afar.

I am not a big fan of BoA, she’s just one of those artist that I listen to every now and then. I consider myself a partially fan. Heh. Anyways, the reason I know of her is because of her Korean music. I started listening to her Korean music before her Japanese music, she was one of the artist that introduced me to Korean pop, but I never got into it until ’08 or ’09 by Big Bang. I was in love with her third Korean album, Atlantis Princess. I remember when I was jamming to Atlantis Princess, Milky Way and Beat of Angel.

SOURCE: Allkpop


One comment

  1. She has such a futuristic image.
    Hmmm that`s new to me …the only band that i know is Maximum the Hormone.

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