Narsha Finishes Mamma Mia

July 28, 2010

Recently, Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha embarked as a solo artist earlier this month. She released a digital single, I’m In Love (with Sungha Jung (정성하)),  followed by her self-titled first mini-album. BBI-RI-BOP-A (삐리빠빠) was chosen as the lead single. In the album, the sixth track, Mamma Mia, is a preview. I know I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to listen to more of these short lived preview!

We listeners finally can! Narsha finished recorded Mamma Mia, as for the release date, it’s unknown. It should release soon though and I can’t wait! This album of hers has made me a fan. On a side note, I decided to look up Sungha Jung and discovered he is a 13 year old who plays the guitar quite well, the link on his name will lead you to his YouTube page.

SOURCE: Allkpop


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