First Impression: HAMMER SESSION!

July 29, 2010


My downfall. My guilty pleasures. I’ve watched a ton of school dramas and few revolving around teachers, I have left so many unfinished. But, my love for them will never cease no matter how cliché and over the top they may get, I just never stop loving them. I actually haven’t heard much about this drama since I got back from Europe. Let us see how our two leads Mokomichi Hayami (Zettai Kareshi, Densha Otoko) and Shida Mirai (Tantei Gakuen Q, Jyoou no Kyoushitsu) do in this drama. The first episode aired on July 10, 2010 and pulled a rating of 8.6.

EDIT (8/14): Screen shots are in better quality and added theme song.

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BEGIN . . .

Delinquent-like teenagers with problems? Check.
Angry teacher(s) that is fed up with behavior? Check.
A person that comes out of nowhere to fix the problem? Check.

I’m not going to lie; this drama seemed to start at a slow pace for me. Ha, well doesn’t all drama start out slow for you, Chukuma? Yes, why yes they do. I will admit the show really did not catch my interest until Shiba Yusei (Ishiguro Hideo, in all 4 screencaps above) took action to set the conflict of the episode into motion. The show kept me interested and had me shout in frustration at Shiba’s stupidity and his disrespect for his father who tries to make enough money for the family. Nice save, HAMMER SESSION!, nice save. Of course, the show wasn’t all about being serious, it has its funny moments.

The storyline of this show is quite compelling, while some may say its premise is similar tp Gokusen and other teacher-school genre dramas, I believe it has its own unique qualities. Firstly,Hachisuka Goro’ (Mokomichi Hayami, seen in right) is not a real teacher; he’s actually a wanted criminal, a genius swindler. Before I forget to mention, our genius swindler has been given the identity of Hachisuka Goro so his true name is unknown! Secondly, Goro does not feel a strong dedication to help the problematic teenagers, he is only helping because he made a deal with the school principal (Kohinata Fumiyo). Most likely as the show and characters develops, Goro will grow on those kids. I could be wrong. Lastly, Goro is an oddity. Sure, there’s a lot of those nowadays, he just brings something to the table that makes me raise an eyebrow. In a good way.

Now that I think of it, I’ve haven’t really seen much of Mokimichi Hayami. I have seen his performance in Gokusen 2, the first episode of Oh! My Girl!!, Jotei and Zettai Kareshi.   I’ve always seen him in a serious light. As I watched this show, Mokomichi proves that he does a splendid job with comical performances, given that the script and the humor is good, which I find this drama has. I love Shida Mirai (seen in upper left), but her character, Tachibana Kaede, annoys me a bit along with Higa Manami’s (seen in upper right with Mokomichi) character, Mizuki Ryoko.

Mirai’s character speaks her mind, while I like that she isn’t those whiny and clueless school girl it just seems… I can’t pinpoint why she annoys me, it’s probably at the scene when she was disguised and shouting for the bikers to stop beating up Shiba. That was probably it, maybe as these episodes move along she’ll grow on me. Higa Manami‘s (seen in upper right with Mokomichi) character, Mizuki Ryoko, isn’t bothering me, she’s in my good zone. I am in love with Musaka Naomasa (below on right) in this show, he plays Imamura Shohei who escape with Goro. No, I’ve never seen Musaka Naomasa in the many dramas and movies he has been in. He sure cracks me up in HAMMER SESSION! though!~

Hit, miss or somewhere inbetween: A hit, especially if you love comedy school dramas or you’re a fan of Mokomichi Hayami. I can’t say much for Shida Mirai fans because her performance hasn’t impacted me like Mokomichi’s has. Her performances hasn’t made me go, “Wow! That was awesome!” Ah, it’s so hard to describe, hopefully that makes some sense. The show starts out slow, but the plot is enthralling even if it may follow the basic concept of your typically teacher-school dramas. I absolutely love how suave and handsome Mokomichi is in this drama. This episode is an enjoyable watch, it’s entertaining and has a few laugh out loud moments. Now let’s hope the remainder of the series pans out as pleasant as this first episode.


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