Fushigi Yugi up for Theatrical Adaption

July 29, 2010

You read the title right. Yu Watase‘s popular manga series, Fushigi Yugi is being adapted on stage. The stage adaption is being produced by  promotional company Amipro and directed by Shintaro Sugano. The only cast memberthey have so far is Mao Miyaji. Never heard of her? Neither have I. She played alongside Aya Ueto on Attack No. 1 a couple of episodes. I’ve never seen the drama so I wouldn’t know. Back to the topic at hand, a total of 9 performances are scheduled between October 20 – 24 at the Pocket theater in Nakano, Tokyo.

I’ve never read the manga series, nor have I watched the anime, but I’ve heard of it. I actually have read the prequel, Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden, I liked it a lot so I may give Fushigi Yugi a shot one of these days.

SOURCE: Tokyograph


One comment

  1. I LOVE the Stage Play ❤ but the Miaka Actress is AINA HASHIMOTO (The Possible) not Mao Miyaji

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