DRAMA LIST: The Month of August

August 2, 2010

August has arrived and I told Spoofnick we should show our readers what dramas we are currently (or going to be) watching. I will be blue while Spoofnick is green. If I have new post regarding any of the drama below, such as drama recaps or first impressions, they’ll be added. We’ll try to keep this drama list going every month. Hopefully this helps if you’re looking for any new or upcoming dramas to watch!

This Season

Titles: 제빵왕 김탁구 / Baker King, Kim Tak Gu / Bread, Love and Dreams
Broadingcasting Period: June 9, 2010 – Oct. 7, 2010
Episode: 30
Stars: Yoon Si Yoon, Joo Won, Eugene, Lee Young Ah
Brief Thoughts: On episode 7. This drama is my gulity pleasure; it keeps me interested (especially some of the exaggerated, yet funny, acting) and Yoon Si Yoon is quite the eye candy, though it takes a while until you actually see him. This drama will have you screaming at the screen, well, that’s the case for me anyway. On episode 14. AMAZING! I LOVE IT!

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Titles: GOLD
Broadingcasting Period: July 8, 2010 – …
Episode: TBA
Stars: Amami Yuki, Nagasawa Masami, Mikami Kensei, Matsuzaka Tori
Brief Thoughts: Haven’t started yet.

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Titles: ハンマーセッション! / HAMMER SESSION!
Broadingcasting Period: July 10, 2010 – Sep. 18, 2010
Episode: 11
Stars: Mokomichi Hayami, Shida Mirai, Higa Manami
Brief Thoughts: On episode 3. It’s starting to get that repetitiveness that Gokusen has, but it can’t be helped since the plot focuses on Goro straightening up the students.  Otherwise, this is funny and I love Mokomichi’s playing this comic role.

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Titles: 내 여자친구는 구미호 / My Girlfriend is a Gumiho / My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
Broadingcasting Period: Aug. 11, 2010 – Sep. 30, 2010
Episode: 16
Stars: Lee Seung Ki, Shin Min Ah
Brief Thoughts: Hasn’t aired yet.

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Titles: うぬぼれ刑事 / Unubore Deka / Unubore Keiji
Broadcasting Period: July 9, 2010 – Sep. 10, 2010
Stars: Nagase Tomoya, Ikuta Toma, Nakashima Mika, Nishida Toshiyuki
Brief Thoughts: On episode 2. This drama is entertaining and Nagase Tomoya never fails to make me laugh.

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Dramas Finished Airing—

Titles: 커피하우스 / Coffee House
Broadcasting Period:
May 17, 2010 – July 27, 2010
Kang Ji Hwan, Ham Eun Jung (from T-ara), Park Si Yeon, Jung Woong In
Brief Thoughts: On episode 16. Coffee Prince? No, guys. Coffee House! Sometimes I do catch myself going, “Coffee Pr- House.” Anyways, this show has definitely toppled to one of my favorites. The characters are entertaining and lovable, despite their flaws. I can never predict with this drama so I stopped playing that game around episode 7 or 8, I’m just going with the flow. Coffee House is eccentric and amusing, a definite must-see.

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Titles:아이리스 / IRIS
Broadingcasting Period: Oct. 14, 2009 – Dec. 17, 2009
Episode: 20
Stars: Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Joon Ho, Kim So Yeon, T.O.P
Brief Thoughts: On episode 4. Quick to engage you and the action is both refreshingly good as well as fun.

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Titles: 별을쏘다 / Shooting Stars / Shooting the Star
Broadingcasting Period: Nov. 20, 2002 – Jan. 9, 2003
Episode: 16
Stars: Jun Do Yeon, Jo In Sung
Brief Thoughts: On episode 7. Shooting Stars is definitely an older drama, but so far it has been cute and fun because the two main actors here have really good chemistry… but the main chick i couldn’t help but not like in the beginning.

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Side / Waiting List


A Man’s Story / Story of a Man
Bad Guy
Hotaru no Hikari
Nodame Cantabile


Paradise Meadow /Paradise Ranch


What’s on your watch list?

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  1. […] you may know, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is on my watch list for this August. Its other titles are My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox or Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho (내 […]

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