Taeyang and Big Bang Plans

August 2, 2010

Taeyang‘s SOLAR era has been quite successful, his album sells have sold remarkable well on Itunes. It seems YG Entertainment has notice and is planning on an international release of Taeyang’s SOLAR album. The album will include 2 new songs that was never released during his earlier album. One of the songs is titled I’ll Be There composed and written by Teddy. The other is unknown, but there will be an English version of Wedding Dress.

Taeyang upcoming concert will be postponed, the concert was suppose to take place September 4 and 5, due to Big Bang is filming for Japanese promotions. Speaking of Big Bang, they are planning on releasing a new single, Beautiful Hangover, on August 25, 2010.

Joy, joy, oh joy! More music from the wonderful Taeyang and Big Bang, though I don’t listen to their Japanese music much! YG Entertainment is reading what us fans write and also watching the US and Canada Itunes chart. I am interested to listening to Wedding Dress in English, I’ve found a couple of good covers on YouTube.

SOURCE: Always Taeyang


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