Perfume Voice New Single

August 3, 2010

Perfume is back with their new single, Voice, after the release of Fushizen na Girl / Natural ni Koishite in April. Voice marks their 16 single and will be released in the usual limited edtion CD+DVD and a regular CD edition. The single will be out August 11, 2010. The title track was used as the Nissan no Omise de! Campaign commercial song while the other song, 575, was used as KDDI “iida” commercial song.

Gosh, I absolutely love these girls with their cute dances and lovely outfits!~ ♥ Excuse my spasm, I’ve been a fan since the single release that got them notice, Polyrhythm. Speaking of Polyrhythm, the concept of Voice single reminds me of Polyrhythm. Sadly, their cover song, Lovefool originally by The Cardinals, that was feature on a Pepsi NEX CM will not be feature on this single. Enjoy the shorten version of the Voice PV.

CD Tracklist

2. 575
3. VOICE -Original Instrumental-
4. 575 -Original Instrumental-


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