First Impression: Unubore Deka

August 3, 2010

Mika Nakashima — Ichiban Kirei na Watashi o (一番綺麗な私を)

There’s a bunch of crime/police drama running this summer. Unubore Deka, or Unubore Keiji, is one of them, but it takes a more humorous approach instead of the serious kind. I didn’t recognize the cast aside from Nakashima Mika and Ikuta Toma, I do know Nagase Tomoya, I just didn’t know his name! I saw his picture and I instantly recognized him from My Boss My Hero, Tiger & Dragon, and Utahime. Knowing that, I had to check out this drama. Unubore Deka first aired on July 9, 2010 with a rating of 12.2.

EDIT (8/15): Screen shots are in high quality.

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Got to love Tomoya's facial expressions

I wasn’t really looking forward to this when I first saw the bland poster that just had the title in Japanese. I just skimmed through the description and declared it was strange summary. In this drama, we get a few recognizable faces Nagase Tomoya (Tiger & Dragon, My Boss My Hero), Ikuta Toma (Hana Kimi, Akiharaba@Deep), Japanese pop singer Nakashima Mika (also from NANA 1 + 2), Arakawa Yoshiyoshi (Tiger & Dragon, Hataraki Man, Liar Game 2), and Kaname Jun (Tantei Gakuen QRyusei no Kizuna) just to name a few. Oh, I forgot to mention there’s also guest stars for the main criminals this episode was the beautiful Kato Ai.

Just in a few minutes into the drama, I could not stop laughing. Nagase Tomoya plays comedy roles well, I love his character Unubore. He falls hopelessly in love with any attractive woman he sets his eyes on which always happens to be the criminals. Though, some may find that annoying, I find it highly entertaining. I tend to stray away from overstressed comedy, but if there’s actors that are good at it, I’m there. That’s why I enjoy watching Tomoya’s roles, he makes everything fun and amusing. I just adore his facial expression! So far it seems that Honjo Sadame (Ikuta Toma) and his fellow friends at the bar just seem to be used for more comedy and giving Unubore love advice. I love Ikuta Toma, but his role seems small. Maybe as these episodes move forward, he’ll be more involved.

Now, I know the main focus will be on Unubore falling in love with a woman (who turns out to be the criminal) and solves the crime.  I’m hoping that we see more of Higurashi Rie (Nakashima Mika), one reason is because this woman use to be Unubore fiance and- I’m not going to spoil it, but once the discovery was made I was laughing my butt off. Reason #2 is because Mika is playing this bizarre woman who loves her lover and is defensive about who he’s looking at, you know the crazy obsessed girlfriend, but she isn’t that crazy, or is she? I haven’t seen Mika performances in any other things, but from her resume, it looks like she has been playing serious roles and she is one of those people who I see in a serious light, like Mokomichi Hayami. So watching her break out of that shell is entertaining for me.

The base of the drama is pretty straightforward; Unubore falls in love with the criminal, solves the crime, and has them choose between being arrested or marrying him. I bet the lovely criminals will always choose being arrested. Ah, poor Unubore. The drama is looking like it will have that recurring method every episode, but Kankuro Kudo (writer of Tiger & Dragon, Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World), the writer, makes up for it by adding hilarious situations with his comical characters. I am already on episode 2 and Kankuro hasn’t failed me yet!

Hit, miss, or somewhere in between: A HIT! As I said in our August drama list, Tomoya never fails to make me laugh. It’s nice seeing familiar faces showing their funny side, especially Nakashima Mika. I am just loving Saeki Masaru (Arakawa Yoshiyoshi), gosh, he makes me laugh so hard! The plot is simple and may get repetitive, but with this awesome cast, I’m crossing my fingers that they will make this drama hilariously pleasurable. I’m looking forward to the criminals and even Toda Erika will be in one of these episodes, this is exciting!

Now for those wishing to watch this in English subtitles, head on over to Tomalicious Fansubs and download episode 1 and 2. Be warned, you must have a livejournal account, join the community, and don’t forget to thank them for their hard work!



  1. Ah, I want to see this drama! I didn’t know that Tomalicious had already released the first two episodes. I fell in love with Nagase in Hakusen Nagashi, which is definitely a more serious role. Can’t wait to see his comedic side.

  2. Ooh, thanks for the heads up. Wasn’t sure if I was going to give this series a shot since Tomoya’s overacting can sometimes get on my nerves… but it really depends on the project he’s working on. Maybe his stint as a detective who falls in love with his suspect(s) would actually be funny this time around.

    I liked some of Kudo Kankuro’s work (Kisarazu Cat’s Eye, IWGP, Tiger and Dragon) but was rather disappointed with his last drama, Ryusei no Kizuna. The revenge-mystery and the comedy mix in that one just didn’t work for me. I hope Unobore Deka’s a better outing.

    • No problem, glad I could help! 😀 I’m someone who’s easily entertained with comedy drama, at times the humor in Unubore Deka is exaggerated, but I like it. Tell me what you think when you finish the first episode!

  3. A novel which he has written with his son as the protagonist, has been a hit.

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