Sato Takeru Starring Role in a Drama

August 9, 2010

Sato Takeru has gotten himself his first lead role in an upcoming NTV drama called Q10. The screen writer is Izumi Kizara, who was one of the writers behind Nobuta wo Produce. NTV will start shooting the drama in early September so they can premiere the series in October. They plan on airing on Saturday nights at 9:00PM.

In the drama, Takeru is playing a high school student named Heita, who has a king heart but no interest in romance. His class gets a new female transfer student named Q10 (pronounced “kyu-to”, the same as “cute”), she looks normal but she’s actually a robot. Heita and Q10 end up causing trouble at school and Heita even begins falling for Q10. A kiss scene between the two is planned.

I find that last sentence funny. After reading the plot of the drama it’s like, “Oh, by the way they may or may not kiss…” I mean, if this follows any other drama in the high school with romance genre, why wouldn’t they kiss? I’ll stop being a smarty pants now. I’m not quite sure if I’ll watch this, if I like the photo or trailer/teaser/preview I may give it a try.

SOURCE: Tokyograph



  1. Happy to see Sato Takeru getting his first real leading role, but worried the show will be stupid (plot sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster). Keeping fingers crossed and will definitely check this out when it airs. ^_^

    • Oh yes, the plot just sounds… blah! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed with you and I shall be optimistic about this upcoming drama!

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