First Impression: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

August 13, 2010


Lee Sun Hee (이선희) –  여우비 (Fox Rain)

As you may know, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is on my watch list for this August. Its other titles are My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox or Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho (내 여자친구는 구미호). I haven’t watch any of the  Hong sister’s work, not even My Girl or You’re Beautiful (which I can not stomach because of  Go Mi Nyu), but I did catch a bit of Hong Gil Dong and still intend to finish that.  The summary of the drama didn’t catch my attention, it was because of the stills of Lee Seung Gi and Shin Mina. The first episode aired on August 11, 2010 and pulling a rating of 12.7.

EDIT (8/14): Fixed minor grammar errors.

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GUMIHO (구미호)


Let me brush briefly on what a gumiho is. A gumiho (구미호) is a nine-tailed fox and like its Chinese (狐狸精; huli jing) and Japanese (狐; kitsune) counterparts, it must live for a thousand years to turn into a gumiho, according to legends.  A gumiho is viewed solely as an evil being, whereas the huli jing and kitsune are seen as either good or bad. A gumiho appears as a woman (often to seduce men), can shape-shift, and consume hearts or livers (legends differ from one another).  For more detailed information check Wikipedia.

. . . BEGIN . . .

Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi) is in his early twenties, hails from a rich background (due to his grandfather) and attends a university with dreams to become an action star. His friends admire and envy Dae Woong, and Ban Sun Nyeo (Hyo min) has a big crush on him. Now our beloved gumiho isn’t given a name during the first episode (at least I think…), but she is called Mi Ho (Shin Mina). She is freed by Dae Woong after being trapped inside a seal for five hundred years. She stays with Dae Woong because she has no knowledge of the outside world since her imprisonment. Before I forget, she is one heck of a meat fanantic!

ONWARD TO EPISODE 1! I did not have any expectations from this drama. I jumped into this show with unknown faces, except for Lee Seung Gi, and a vague insight of the Hong sisters’s shows. Fortunately, I found myself more engulfed in this drama than I thought I was going to be and I really enjoyed this first episode. I admit I was waiting for some clichés and your typically romance situation, but I was proven wrong once again (this bring backs Orange Days memories). I just love how this episode came out clever, entertaining and animated. On a side note, I seriously could not stop laughing at the elevator scene. Oh Korean dramas, your toilet humor amuses me.

Threatening Dae Woong are we Mi Ho?

This paragraph is going to be nice and short since I wasn’t feeling any chemistry between the two leads. That’s not a bad thing since it’s just started after all. I’m hoping the chemistry will be great since Dae Woong and Mi Ho are a funny pair. I love how Dae Woong cowers in fear as Mi Ho threatens him.

Lee Seung Gi is someone that I’m familiar with because of Shining Inheritance, though I’ve never actually seen the drama. Lee Seung Gi represents Dae Woong well and I like his character. Dae Woong is the cool and conceited  dude with his friends and peers, in front of his grandfather he becomes an immature child, and thrown with Mi Ho he’s a straight up fraidy-cat. As for the acting, Lee Seung Gi loves to exaggerate, not that it bothers me I actually find it funny. It’s not like he emphasize too much on his expression. Okay, maybe for some it might be too much and I admit, I may get tired of it later. A girl can stay positive and hope that I don’t get too feed up with Lee Seung Gi overacting, maybe he’ll stop as the drama continues.

I adore Mi Ho and Shin Mina plays as her so naturally. Mi Ho is like a child entering a new and unknown world that she once lived in before. She’s fascinated by everything; drinks, food, and even the toilets. I find these types of characters fascinating and the way the Hong sisters wrote Mi Ho is delightful. Besides Mi Ho’s child wonders, she does have a likable personality. She’s adorable, friendly and eccentric. One moment she’s eating her precious meat with enthusiasm, than Dae Woong takes the last piece and she’s giving a death glare with daggers in her eyes. Ah, love it!~

I like the plot of this drama and I want to see where it’s heading. Now that I read the summary again at DramaWiki, it doesn’t really go into detail and that’s why I probably wasn’t like, “Oh! Gotta watch this!”, but I said that when I saw the stills and official posters. The summary is only two sentences long which really can trick a reader like me. Moving on. The first episode left me wondering about a few things and I was intrigued with Park Dong Joo (Noh Min Woo, seen in bottom right) and his history with Mi Ho. Dong Joo is a mysterious (and very cute) man who is in pursue of Mi Ho. I’m curious as to why, as anyone would be, and the history behind why he is pursuing her. Now, Mi Ho is our beloved, innocent and friendly gumiho.

Or is she?


Hit, miss, or somewhere in between: Definitely a hit in my books, this episode was fun and appealing. I couldn’t believe how fast the first episode finished for me. Korean dramas tend to go at such a slow rate. You know, they like to give back stories, introduce characters and such.  I’m more of a fast pace watcher, no wonder I get bored easily. I did like how My Girlfriend is a Gumiho went straight to the point, no beating around the bushes or anything. The characters are likable and you all read how I love Mi Ho. Now, I’m just hoping for charming supporting characters. Please, oh please, have wonderful supporting characters!

Now I recommend this for those of you who either like our lovely main leads or like romantic comedies (I’m getting a feeling this might get angst-y near the end) and can deal with a side of overacting by Lee Seung Gi. If you like the Hong sisters, you may want to give this a try. I haven’t seen any of their other romantic comedies, so if you watch it and don’t like it, please don’t blame me!  Let’s hope the rest of the series pans out the same way because I am loving it so far! For anyone that wants to watch it WithS2 is subbing, but it seems they haven’t started yet. They do have plenty of other projects on their plate. Be patient, my drama lovers.



  1. It’s quite sAd to read that you don’t seem to like seung gi much. He’s really adorable, more so because of his expressions. I would recommend that you catch 2 Days and 1 Night. I’m looking forward to the following eps of this rom-com! =)

    • I’m already on episode 4 and I gotta say, he’s starting to grow on me. I agree, he’s adorable. I’ll see if I can find 2 Days and 1 Night anywhere!

  2. i really love my girlfriend is a gumiho!!!

    i hope that i can see the cast in personal..especially Dae Woong and Miho..

    the acting , the plot of this koreanovela is great!!!!!whoa!!!i really love it!!!!!

    i love it!!!!!

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