BONNIE PINK Announces New Releases

August 20, 2010

It’s been four months since BONNIE PINK has released her digital exclusive track, “Is This Love?”. Now she’s back with a new single titled “Kite”. It will be released September 22 and it will feature three tracks: “Kite”, “Busy-Busy-Bee”, and the instrumental for “Kite”.

Exactly two weeks after the release, BONNIE PINK will release her upcoming album, Dear Diary, on October 6. Her album will feature her songs that were used in commercials, “Is This Love?” and “Morning Glory”. The album will be released in a special limited 2 CD+DVD edition that will come with all her B-sides since the beginning of her career. The bonus disc will be called, “BONNIE PINK B-side collection (1996~2009).” The DVD will have 15 songs from her “BONNIE PINK 2009 ONE” finale tour stop.

BONNIE PINK – Dear Diary Tracklist

  1. Is This Love?  (produced by Burning Chicken)
  2. Morning Glory (produced by Masato Suzuki, Tore Johansson)
  3. Cookie Flavor (produced by Shigekazu Aida)
  4. Suki KILLER (produced by Tore Johansson)
  5. Hurricane (produced by James Bryan)
  6. Find a Way (produced by Shigekazu Aida)
  7. Home Sweet Home (produced by James Bryan)
  8. Many Moons Ago (produced by Curly Giraffe)
  9. World Peace (produced by Track & Field)
  10. Birthday Girl (produced by Burning Chicken)
  11. Here I Am (produced by James Bryan)
  12. Kite (produced by Tore Johansson)
  13. Grow (produced by James Bryan)
  14. Nagareboshi (produced by Tore Johansson)
  15. Nami Nami (produced by Tore Johansson)


November 2nd – Niigata – LOTS
November 6th – Miyagi – darwin
November 13th – Hiroshima – CLUB QUATTRO
November 14th –  Fukuoka – DRUM LOGOS
November 19th – Takamatsu – Olive Hall
November 20th – Nagoya Bottom Line
November 23th – Sapporo – PENNIE LANE24
November 25th – Tokyo – Akasaka BLITZ
November 26th – Tokyo – Akasaka BLITZ
December 3th – Osaka – Namba Hatch

SOURCE: Oricon, TokyoHive


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