Baker King, Kim Tak Gu: Episode 15

August 24, 2010

Yosh! I’ve finally reached halftime and so to celebrate I decided to do a recap.

My angry was unusually at a calm state as I watched this episode. I felt more at ease while the show’s mischiefs unfolded and traveled on it’s merry way. I’m normally yelling at the screen, shouting profanities and whatnot. For once, just about everything seemed to go the way I wanted this time around. Asides from what seems to be votes was running the entire episode, I couldn’t stand it so as a result the screencaps don’t have them. That’s why the screencaps look smaller than usual.

EDIT: (9/12) Last name has no change. Check out Recap Relatives at the bottom of post.
Further recapping will be done on the last five episode.

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Kim Tak Gu (Yoon Si Yoon) sees his father for the first time in 14 years, but Gu Il Jong (Ju Kwang Ryul) is unaware that Tak Gu is his lost son. Il Jong tells Tak Gu about baking and gives him his handkerchief to wipe the flour off his face. Tak Gu thanks him and bows, crying silently as Il Jong leaves the kitchen. Goo Ma Jun (Joo Won) paces uneasily waiting to see if Manager Han‘s (Jung Sung Mo) words were true, that his father is really here. On cue, Il Jong sees Ma Jun and wishes him luck at the competition. He even gives him a fatherly pat, which leaves Ma Jun in shock. Il Jong leaves feeling satisfied in seeing Yang In Mok (Park Sang Myun) instead of Master Pal Bong (Jang Hang Sun), who must be busy preparing tomorrow’s competition.

As Ma Jun and Tak Gu prepare for sleep, Ma Jun is curious if Tak Gu spoke to Il Jong. He learns that Tak Gu didn’t talk to  him much, seeing as he was making a mess. Ma Jun then questions Tak Gu about his father. We learn that Tak Gu will confront Il Jong when he is more successful and has more confident in himself. Tak Gu recalls his father’s last words, that he was a special son to him, but Tak Gu feels below average. Ma Jun is filled with anger and jealous at Tak Gu and goes to sleep.

Master Pal Bong’s competition has arrived and Tak Gu is still unable to bake bread properly, but he enters anyway along with Yang Mi Sun‘s (Lee Young Ah), Ma Jun, and Go Jae Bok (Park Sung Woong). We even hear an ear load from Heo Gap Soo (Lee Han Wie) who always rants about Tak Gu. His complaints doesn’t matter and the competition begins, the first round is to “make the most filling bread in the world” during the course of 15 days.

At Gae Seong Enterprise, the Wicked Witch of the East, Seo In Sook (Jun In Hwa), wants to get rid of Shin Yu Kyung (Eugene), assuming that her goal is Ma Jun, which it is not. Yu Kyung wants to prove what kind of girl she is after In Sook kicked her out of her hospital bed and threw her out of her apartment. In Sook gets fed up with Yu Kyung’s talk and claims she’s rude and cocky, she even throws in a weak backhanded slap. Tsk! Tsk! She encounters her husband Il Jong, who seems to have heard everything, on her way out of his office. She quickly excuses herself and heads off to Manager Han’s office.

Unfortunately, he is not there and she finds a letter on his desk. It reads, “Luck… is no longer on your side”. In Sook appears frightened and stuffs the letter into her bag as she hears Han arrive. She seems to suspect that Han is behind the letters and leaves his office rethinking his words;

The only people who were there that night are you and me. The only people who also know what happened that night are you and me. Don’t think of me as the same Han Seung Jae of ten years ago. Don’t underestimate me anymore, In Sook.

In Sook arrives home, in the privacy of her room. She reads the letter again and remembers the last letter she received from the blackmailer, “Fate… is not on your side”. Manager Han scrambles through his paper work searching for the letter In Sook took earlier.

The competitors are told the rules of the first round. They are limited to their ingredients and aren’t allowed to buy more ingredients or take any additional ingredients from the supply room. If they do, they will be disqualified. Gap Soo, Jo Jin Gu (Park Sung Woong), and In Mok will check the ingredients and receipts of the participants every day. On top of that, they can’t slack off on their daily work in the bakery or else they’ll be disqualified. The competitors are only given 50,000 won (approx. $38.95 in American dollars) to buy their ingredients.

Tak Gu is on the search for the most filling bread, reading books and asking Mi Sun’s opinions, while the others have already started on buying their ingredients and creating their dough. Its nighttime and the bakery family is downstairs eating watermelon together, excluding Tak Gu, Ma Jun, and Master Pal Bong. Gap Soo still has his bread sticks in a knot, ranting how Master Pal Bong would let Tak Gu do this competition. Give it a rest, will ya?! How many episodes have you been complaining!? Ma Jun arrives in the house, returning quite late and In Mok’s wife, Oh Young Ja (Hwang Mi Sun), asks him to join them, but he politely declines and heads upstairs.

Mi Sun comments on how Ma Jun has been practicing like crazy, Young Ja adds that it doesn’t seem like Tak Gu is practicing at all.

Returning to Geo Seong Foods Enterprise, Yu Kyung escorts Il Jong and Manager Han out of the building. We learn through a flashback that Manager Han talked to Yu Kyung about resigning. She has one month to make her final decision. She bows as they leave and Goo Ja Kyung (Choi Ja Hye) recognizes her. When Ja Kyung is home, she tells her younger sister, Goo Ja Rim (Choi Yoon Young), that Yu Kyung is working for their father’s company. Ja Kyung  knows their mother is bothered by Yu Kyung’s presence and she is too. She warns Ja Rim not to tell Ma Jun anything.

Its early in the morning, a mysterious figure walks into the bakery’s supply room. He puts some sort of mix into Mi Sun, Ma Jun, and Jae Bok’s flour mix. Suddenly, the lights turn on and Tak Gu enters the bakery’s kitchen. The figure forgets the packet alongside someone’s tub of flour; he manages to escape without being seen by Tak Gu and Ma Jun, who enters just as the criminal is about to head out the door. Tak Gu notices the packet in the supply room and it reads, “Sodium Bicarbonate”. Ma Jun walks in and asks Tak Gu what he is doing. He tells him he thought he heard someone and found this packet here.

Later in the day, the three victims uncover their dough, and it appears to be ‘dead’. They go to In Mok, Gap Soo, and Jin Gu so they can explain what’s wrong. They learn that there dough has no smell or taste, so someone must have added something. Gap Soo narrows the sole ingredient to sodum bicarbonate, when it’s added to flour mix the dough won’t rise. Master Pal Bong arrives explaining that even with their tampered dough; the victims will not get additional funds and should have protected their dough.

Ma Jun suspects Tak Gu of the deed and begins a fight which is stopped by Jin Gu. Master Pal Bong does not care who is more at fault, started the fight, or who was wrong first, the bottom line is that a fight occurred and they are both responsible. For one week, they are both forbidden to enter the bakery. There’s only twelve days of the competition left, and that means by the time they are off probation, they only have five days to prepare.

Ma Jun has been waiting for this competition for two years and doesn’t find it fair that he won’t have enough time to prepare. Master Pal Bong retorts back that he should have thought carefully of his actions before committing it.

Master Pal Bong questions if Tak Gu was really holding sodium bicarbonate in the supply room. He did, but he had no idea if it was put into the flour mix it wouldn’t ferment. That still leaves him as a suspect, seeing as three people excluding him have unusable flour. In order for him to not be under suspicion, he must give the other competitors money for their flour from his budget, even if he will have a little sum of money left. The other three could be eliminated due to lack of dough.

Ma Jun and Tak Gu leave the room and they are eavesdroppers, not including Jin Gu, who act like they are cleaning or something to that sort. Gap Soo believes that Tak Gu is the one who committed the crime, and it’s unfortunate for Tae Jo. Mi Sun defends him, they’re not totally sure that he even added the sodium bicarbonate and it would be unfair to eliminate him if he wasn’t even the real criminal. Jae Bok appears slightly worried and Jin Gu notices. In Mok wonders what Master Pal Bong is going to do about the situation. Pal Bong just wants to try to make them people before they make bread.

Jin Gu walks into the supply room picking up the packet and pulling out a receipt that Jae Bok dropped yesterday. He compares the prices and BINGO, we have our criminal everybody!

Over at the Goo’s house, In Sook enters the main hall and Manager Han comments how she must be going somewhere since she’s dressed nicely. She wants to know why he is at the house at this time of day, it turns out Manager Han was worried that something went wrong. He couldn’t reach her ever since the day at the office.

All In Sok is worried about is Yu Kyung. She wants him to draw the line, he isn’t the same from ten years ago and she wants him to truly show his changed self. She wants Yu Kyung taken care of NOW. Han mentions the letter from his desk, asking if she took it. She plays the innocent sheep and asks, “What letter? Why? Was there a letter I shouldn’t have seen on your desk that day?”

She believes that Han is behind the letters; after all they were the only ones there that night. For the past two years since these letters began, why hasn’t he found a clue as to who is sending them? Or maybe, he’s deliberately not finding out who keeps sending them? She’s not someone that can be held in his hand with that sort of method, by being scared and clinging to him. She hopes it’s not him though; she turns and continues her signature strut.

The maid, Gong Ju Taek, appears to have witness the intense clash as she was hiding behind a wall and Han spots her. She retreats back to the dining room and Han enters asking for a glass of water.  As he drinks his water, he stares at her intently.

Doctor Yoon (Kim Jung Hak) discusses his plans with Kim Mi Sun (I’ll refer to her as Mother Mi Sun, Jun Mi Sun), he wishes to act slow with President Na and asks her approval. Mother Mi Sun just stares off, not replying.

In Sook has a meeting with President Na, who wished to meet with her. He wants to collect the funds his company gave her to buy her stocks. Two years have already passed since they lent her the money and they cannot extend the time, his company is in an urgent situation. If she doesn’t have the money, they will reclaim the stocks she has. What now, In Sook?

Ma Jun meets up with Ja Rim and she is curious if he is still meeting up with Yu Kyung. No, Ma Jun hasn’t and he questions if her whereabouts are known.  Neglecting what Ja Kyung told her, she tells him that she is now working at the assistant’s office. He heads on over to the Geo Seong building, Yu Kyung and Ma Jun see each other but don’t exchange any words as she continues walking with her colleagues.

Jin Gu enters Jae Bok’s room and he hides something under his dressers. Jin Gu shoves him aside and discover that he was hiding a checkbook that happens to have a list of large sums of money. He brings him to Tak Gu and Jin Gu hands Tak Gu the checkbook. It seems Jae Bok knows Manager Han and apparently he gave him the money. So he was the one that put the sodium bicarbonate and leaked the gas, nearly causing Tak Gu to go blind, two years ago.

Whatever Tak Gu decides to do with him, Jin Gu will do it. Jae Bok pleads with Tak Gu, telling him he has done wrong and was blinded by greed. Manager Han even said he’d give him his own store, how could anyone refuse that? He says if the Pal Bong family finds out, he’ll be kicked out for sure with no place to go. Tak Gu asks him if he knows what this competition means to him. He drags Jae Bok to a building, the Geo Seong building that is!

Yu Kyung appears as Ma Jun is walking out of the building and she says, “Long time no see, Gu Ma Jun.” On the other hand, Tak Gu declares that they are going into the building. OH, THE INTENSITY! THE INTENSITY!



Comments, rants, and other things:

This show is my guilty pleasure, it always manages to reel me back in and want more. The overacting is fabulous, I love Yoon Si Yoon’s face in sad scenes or when he’s acting goofy, he cracks me up every time! I got the most kick out of In Sook’s face when she discovered Il Jong’s mother died on episode 5, I could not stop laughing. If only I could put the picture here, oh wait, there it is. Ah, priceless!~

I’m glad this drama is gaining its pace, but it just needs to stop teasing me with ‘Il-Jong-almost-finding-out-Tak-Gu-is-his-son’ ordeal. If only Tak Gu told him when he had the chance, Manager Han is going to be all over Tak Gu’s case when he actually goes to tell Il Jong. Also, how does Tak Gu not have the slightest idea on how to bake after staying at the bakery for two years? Seriously, it just blows my mind.

I have to say, this is the first time I’ve ever felt any sympathy towards Ma Jun. When Il Jong touched his shoulder, I felt something tugging at my heartstrings. He’s been trying hard to get his recognition for years. That’s probably the first caring gesture Ma Jun even received from his father.  I wish this side was shown more instead of his normal cold façade. I’m actually growing on him because I’m starting to see in his perspective and the way he holds himself. So Ma Jun and I are going to have a love/hate relationship.

Surprisingly, the Wicked Witch of the East, In Sook, didn’t piss me off as much as she normally does. It’s because her evil powers is beginning to wither. The blackmail letters she’s been receiving has been stressing her out and frightening her like no other. What takes the cake is that her stocks are being taken from her. So she has no leash to control Il Jong anymore! Woooohooooo!~ Go Mother Mi Sun and Doctor Yoon!~ I know it’s too early to celebrate because she’ll find a way to recover. If only this triumph could last forever. Sigh.

Now what is Mother Mi Sun planning? Maybe they said in the last episode because I know she wants the stocks, but I don’t remember if she said why. I admire Mother Mi Sun so much, but it seems over the years she has lost strength, physically speaking. Well, of course she must be since she’s losing her vision and let’s not forget she did fall off that cliff episodes ago. No matter, she still remains the strong and confident Mother Mi Sun from fourteen years ago. I’m just waiting for her to appear in front of In Sook with a BANG! That will just set that Wicked Witch off!




  1. Sumpah drama kore kali inin tu menyentuh banget,kim ta goo jg cuakeeep abiez,is the best d pokoknya

  2. Hi
    I just started watching King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo three days ago and I am hooked! I was having trouble watching episode 15 on my usual site so i searched on google and found you. I was disappointed it wasn’t a video but your recap was great. Your a wonderful writer and I love your ad-lips. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. You’ve dond a good job rewritting the episode. I just want to know where could i read the entire summary of baker king? I mean the whole 30 episodes.

    • Ningin.com has episodes 17 – 30, though they are only highlights and predictions of the drama. If you want to watch them, check out Jacinda Entertainment. They’re in English subtitles.

  4. T__T this makes me wanna learn korean!!

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