TBS’s Hei no Naka no Chuugakkou drama special

August 29, 2010

TBS’s drama special, Hei no Naka no Chuugakkou starring Joe Odagiri, is airing on October 11. The drama is a human drama scripted by veteran writer Mikiko Uchidate. The drama was shot at a real prison, the Matsumoto Juvenile Prison in Matsumoto, Nagano. This is said to be the first television drama filmed within actual prison walls

The story is set in the Asahimachi Junior High School, the only junior high school in Japan inside a prison. The school provides education to prisoners of all ages who were unable to receive the regular compulsory education. Odagiri plays the main character as a teacher in the school, and the show focuses on his interactions with the various students, which include Ken Watanabe as a former steeplejack serving 15 years for two murders, Seiji Chihara, Hideji Otaki, and Shota Sometani.

SOURCE: Tokyograph


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