BONNIE PINK’s Dear Diary Tracklist

August 30, 2010

Dear Diary is BONNIE PINK’s eleventh studio album and will be released October 6. The limited edition will include a bonus disc of BONNIE’s B-side collection from 1996 to 2009, and a bonus live DVD featuring fifteen selected performances from “BONNIE PINK 2009 ONE” finale tour at Akasaka Blitz concert. The tracklist of the album and its bonus disc is after the cut!

BONNIE PINK – Dear Diary Tracklist

  1. Is This Love?
  2. Morning Glory
  3. Cookie Flavor
  4. Suki KILLER
  5. Hurricane
  6. Find a Way
  7. Home Sweet Home
  8. World Peace
  9. Birthday Girl
  10. Here I Am
  11. Kite
  12. Grow
  13. Nagareboshi
  14. Nami Nami

BONNIE PINK B-side collection (1996~2009)

  1. Awa ni Natta
  2. Bubble Gum
  3. Friends, Aren’t We?
  4. One Night With Chocolate
  5. Passion Fruit
  6. Kanawanai Koto
  7. Let’s Kiss And Make Up
  8. What about me?
  9. Tha Last Things I Can Do
  10. That’s what it’s all about
  11. You and I
  12. New York
  13. Pump It Up!
  14. Free
  15. good-bye



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