2NE1 Dubbed as Japan’s “Female TVXQ”

September 1, 2010

This year in Japan several Korean girl groups have made, or are planning, a debut in Japan such as Shoujo Jidai (SNSD), KARA, and Brown Eyed Girls just to name a few.  2NE1 is going to be added to the list starting next year. Insiders have said that Avex has their eyes on 2NE1 due to their unique concept and music. People are already calling them the female version of TVXQ in Japan.

Yet another Korean group heading on over to Japan. I’m really hoping they don’t take one of their songs and change the lyrics to Japanese but since most of the groups due that, they probably will. I wish Korean groups would stop remaking their songs into Japanese because sometimes it just does not flow and lacks the oomph the original has! This is what I find with Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra:

Abracadabra (Original)


Abracadabra (Japanese Ver.)

I also hear that 2NE1 is planning on making a U.S. debut with Grammy Award Winning, Will.i.Am, producing for them. They have already recorded 10 songs, but no date is given since Black Eyed Peas is on tour and preparing their next album. That aside, the ladies are making their comeback with their first full album, To Anyone, being released on September 9. Heh, my first full day of school.



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