September 1, 2010

As you can see, the site has gone through a name change! We are no longer Spill the drama beans (SDB) but Lost In Paradise (LIP). Spill the drama beans was a temporarily name until I could think of a new one. I finally started planning on one last week. Lost in Paradise is named after a song by a Korean band, (but now its just the lead singer left) Rumble Fish, called Lost In Paradise from their album One Sweet Day.

School is almost in session for me which means cutting back on dramas. GASP! I’m trying to finish off Kekkon Dekinai Otoko and Hotaru no Hikari by next Wednesday. After I finish those I can do drama reviews on them, hopefully the game plan goes as I want it. Unless I get stacks of homework on the first week of school, that would be a bummer.

As for my forthcoming reviews/recapping, I’m still planning on recapping the last 5 episodes of the drama. Also, with Baker King having the possibility of going on hiatus I may just recap episode 16 and up. That’s if I have the time, of course! Also, my first impression of the Japanese drama, BOSS, will be up as soon as I can get some screencaps from episode 1. Oh, the best way to get information on my progress is checking out the Forthcoming Reviews page.

Over and out!~


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