Baker King, Kim Tak Gu: Episode 25

September 12, 2010

I thought I’d never see this day come, Tak Gu returning to the Goo’s house. So the show is beginning to progress with who’s going to be Il Jong’s successor while he’s unconscious. It’s pretty intense and there’s plenty of “OH MY GOSH!” moments.

I’m rooting for Tak Gu, my dislike for Ma Jun has rekindled, Wicked Witch of the East wants me to strangle her even more, Mi Sun is winning me over, and Yu Kyung is breaking my heart! Just a warning, the recap is long, long, long.

In the Goo’s family home, a sophisticated looking Tak Gu enters with all eyes on him, including his half-siblings, Manager Han, and Geo Seong’s business colleagues.

Ja Rim informs her mother and tells her to come out of the room containing her unconscious father. In Sook leaves the room and sees Tak Gu. The Witch is alarmed. Tak Gu addresses her politely and asks how she is.

She’s just wondering how he manage to get into their house. Tak Gu only wishes to see the President’s condition. The Witch only laughs at his request, how could he demand to see the President? Oh, In Sook you could attempt to be nice sometimes.

Tak Gu says aloud that he is the President’s son. This causes chatter amongst the colleagues and leaving the Goo family and Manager Han shocked. Knowing the Witch, she tries to slap Tak Gu, but he grabs her arm, and declares he wants to meet his father.

Ja Kyung walks over telling Tak Gu to let go of her and for In Sook to just move aside and let him see father. After all, their business colleagues are watching the situation. In Sook is dreading the thought of having him see Il Jong, I mean look at those eyes (above)!

Tak Gu enters his father’s room and sits next to him on his bed. He recalls the conversation he had with his father’s lawyer, Lawyer Park. Lawyer Park reveals to Tak Gu that his father was in a car accident two weeks ago. When the President had his accident, he began to feel he was in danger so he went to lawyer Park and made a mandate. Tak Gu questions if his father was thinking someone was intentionally causing him danger, but lawyer Park is unsure. Then, he recalls his father’s words:

There are not many people around me I can trust, Tak Gu. I don’t know who to trust or suspect anymore.

Back to the present, Tak Gu asks his unconscious father if he’s not too late. He is unsure of what to do, but he vows he’ll be sure to protect his father. He doesn’t want to lose his teacher and his father.

The Goo family, along with Manager Han, await outside and Tak Gu steps out. They all want him to sit so they all can talk and Ja Rim offers him her seat. Do I hear a family reunion? No, it figures they all just want to know why he came. Well, isn’t it obvious?

No, apparently not, because here comes the Witch explaining that after hearing his father collapse he just wants to see if he has any inheritance. Surprisingly, Ja Rim defends Tak Gu by whining in a “Mom,” Tak Gu then pulls out his handy dandy mandate! Yes, that’s right read it and weep, read it and weep.

Tak Gu explains that his mandate orders that all their stocks and rights is handed over to him. Everyone is shocked, but I know in the inside In Sook and Manager Han are just screaming bloody murder.

Tak Gu explains how his father’s personal lawyer came and gave him all of the President’s stocks, stockholder’s lists, seals, and stamps.

Ma Jun inquires if it makes any sense his father would make Tak Gu inherit everything and had deliberately arranged this with Lawyer Park. Tak Gu doesn’t know and he is curious as well. So, why would the President have thought he was in danger? Why did he give him everything, but nothing to his family? For now, he’ll be honoring his wishes by taking his role as his father’s successor.

No one feels confident about Tak Gu fulfilling his father’s role, how could he manage the company? He doesn’t know, but the President told him to, so he’s going to follow through on his request.

The Witch is flat out pissed, how could an uneducated thing like him manage Geo Seong? Tak Gu only says he is thinking of moving back to the Goo’s home to take care of the President. Lawyer Park had said that he had the right to do so and that said he takes his leave.

In Sook wants Manager Han to call Lawyer Park so everything can be explain while Ma Jun follows behind Tak Gu.

Tak Gu is outside the house and Ma Jun questions if he is trying to replace their father. Tak Gu spoke the truth inside. Ma Jun tells him that this is not a place for him to interfere and he should return to the Pal Bong’s bakery. Unfortunately, the bakery is suspended for three months, so during that time, Tak Gu wishes to make bread at the company.

Ma Jun says that a bakery and an office are completely different, but Tak Gu believes that making bread and feeding it to people is no different at the bakery or in Geo Seong. Ma Jun tells Tak Gu his way of thinking can get him hurt, Tak Gu thanks him for worrying and leaves.

In private, In Sook and Manager Han discuss the actions Il Jong has taken, but In Sook cannot make any sense of it. He gave Tak Gu all their stocks, but none for Ma Jun. Manager Han suggest maybe he knows something about Ma Jun, noting how he has been cold towards him and hasn’t shown any care. In Sook won’t take it, hushing him. She’s obviously trying to convince herself that Ma Jun is Il Jong’s son, when we all know that isn’t true.

Elsewhere, Doctor Yoon explains to Mother Mi Sun that the President was discharged from the hospital. Also, apparently a young man arrived at their house claiming he was the eldest son. Mother Mi Sun is astonished, “Surely you’re not talking about my Tak Gu right now?” Doctor Yoon is unsure and is looking in to it.

Tak Gu arrives back home and sees Mi Sun sitting outside. She is glad to see he’s back and Mi Sun remembers the conversation she had with her father earlier.

In Mook explains that Tak Gu will have to leave soon, he reveals to her that Tak Gu is the eldest son of Geo Seong Foods. Mi Sun is bought back to the present looking sad, Tak Gu knows something is wrong but Mi Sun insists otherwise.

Mi Sun wonders if his father is doing fine, she explains that her father told her everything. She is upset that he would hide something from her since she tells him her business.

He reassures her he won’t be gone for long, only until his father is well and when he reveals that Pal Bong Bakery was unfairly shut down. Mi Sun had thought he would leave the bakery for good and Tak Gu tells her;

Are you an idiot? This Pal Bong Bakery is now my hometown and my home. My home is here, where would I go? Am I wrong?

Mi Sun is pleased and Tak Gu thanks her for getting upset. Her smile fades; of course she would be upset if he left. After all, she likes him a lot. Tak Gu being Tak Gu and all, doesn’t realize what she is getting at  and replies that he also likes her a lot adds in a head rub. Tak Gu suggest they go inside and as Tak Gu is walking, Mi Sun smacks him on the head.

She yells at him that she isn’t his puppy and not to pet her, it makes her feel bad. Mi Sun rushes into the house, leaving Tak Gu to ponder what just happened.

Tak Gu enters the bakery’s kitchen smiling as he reminisces of all the good times. Tak Gu talks to the picture of his teacher and explains that what he is reminiscing is not memories, but of the daily life that will begin one day. So he’ll leave his home with hope and will return.

Yu Kyung is seen walking into the Geo Seong building, returning back to work. Shortly afterward, Tak Gu is dropped off at the building by Lawyer Park. He is nervous and Lawyer Park tells him if he is not confident, tell him now. As soon as he enters the building, he cannot turn back. Tak Gu is not confident, but he must try.

Tak Gu and Lawyer Park are confronted by two assistances inside, the female is the Chief of the Assistants’ office, Yeo Eun Jing and the male is from the Deputy Chief, Cha Joon Hyun.

Tak Gu bows deeply and introduces himself the usual way, “I’m Kim Tak Gu. Not Tak Gu because I’m good at ping pong (tak gu). High Tak, Saving Gu. Kim Tak Gu! Please take care of me!” The assistants chuckle at his outburst, but quickly apologize. Lawyer Park explains that his assistants are his subordinates and if he shows too much respect, they’ll feel uncomfortable. Oh, Tak Gu!

As they are about to into the elevator, In Sook and Manager Han walk out of another elevator. In Sook is looking fairly anger this morning, seeing that Tak Gu is in the flesh and she is against him being there. Lawyer Park explains that there are no legal issues with Tak Gu taking over the President’s work and she cannot exert her rights.

In Sook is upset that Lawyer Park would take this action, but he is following what the President told him to do. If In Sook has any objections, she can voice them at the Director’s meeting on Friday. Tak Gu excuses himself from her presence and goes into the elevator.

Yu Kyung arrives in the assistance’s office to see no one there, Eun Jing enters happy that she came, but they’ll have to catch up later since the President’s successor is here. As Tak Gu enters, Yu Kyung and Tak Gu exchange astonished look.

At the Goo’s house, Ma Jun questions his unconscious father about giving everything to Tak Gu.  He wishes to know what kind of son he (Ma Jun) is to him. Ma Jun will not beg and cling to his father anymore; he doesn’t want to lose to Tak Gu and will crush him. He will not stop until his father begs and pleads him to. As Ma Jun leaves, we see that Il Jong’s index finger figets a bit.

In Sook is holding a meeting to remove Tak Gu as Il Jong’s successor. The left side of In Sook agree that Tak Gu taking over the company is nonsense, but the other side think differently. Since the President signed over his properties to Tak Gu, doesn’t that mean he trust him? In Sook believes that the President’s judgment was flawed. The opposing side  begin to leave. And here comes Ma Jun.

He wants them to decide if they want him or Tak Gu as Il Jong’s successor. Ma Jun threatens the moment they leave the room, they will become his enemy. In Sook has a proud smile on her face as they all sit down; she wishes to know their opinion on Il Jong’s successor.

Tak Gu faces, what seems to be, endless stacks of documents.  He must study them all before the Director’s meeting. Lawyer Park suggests Tak Gu to start with the ordinary profit and Tak Gu grabs the wrong documents. Lawyer Park assists him by giving him the right ones.

Tak Gu is confused, doesn’t the company make bread? Well, of course, but he is in a place where they manage everything. Tak Gu’s day is filled with the hardship; he attends a meeting and frequently goes out to ask his assistants for things, his last request is a glass of water, which Yu Kyung gets for him.

Yu Kyung enters, and Tak Gu drops his documents and Yu Kyung assist him. She explains that he can use the phone to call the assistants and he doesn’t have to say “thank you” or “you’ve work hard” every time.  The employees feel their work is worthwhile when he fulfills his role properly.

As Yu Kyung is about to leave, Tak Gu apologizes for making her uncomfortable. This isn’t a job that should make him feel concerned about someone like her. She wishes him to stay focus and do well at his new position, if he slips even a little, it will lead him to trouble.

Yu Kyung is at the rooftop and Ma Jun comes along. Now that Tak Gu is replacing his father, will she run back to him? If Tak Gu tries to pry her away from him, he will not let go of her. Ma Jun doesn’t want her to make any plans tonight and leaves her.

At the bakery, Mi Sun sees that Tak Gu’s room is opened and think he’s back. No, it’s assistant Cha and her mother packing his belongings since he’ll be staying at the Gu’s house for a while. Mi Sun asks for a moment of his time.

Mi Sun has accompanied assistant Cha back to Geo Seong Foods. He tells her where Tak Gu is and leaves. As she walks over to his table, she overhears businessmen bashing Tak Gu’s education. Mi Sun sees Tak Gu and shouts his name loudly having the businessmen retreat silently.

Tak Gu is ecstatic to see Mi Sun and she reveals the food her mother made for him. The two sit on the stairs with assistant Cha hovering over them. As Mi Sun is about to feed him, he stops noticing assistance Cha. Tak Gu says he’ll eat later, but Mi Sun insists, he looks like he’s starving and feeds him again.

Mi Sun and Tak Gu offer assistant Cha some food, but he declines. Mi Sun forces him to sit down and eat, she goes on about Tak Gu. She wants him to take care of him and hopefully warm up to him.

At the Goo’s house, In Sook, Manager Han, and some colleagues share a toast as Ja Kyung and Ja Rim sit not knowing what they are toasting to. Ja Kyung thinks toasting is a bit too much since her father is sick, but In Sook doesn’t want the mood ruined.

In Sook hears Ma Jun’s arrival home and is happy, until she sees Yu Kyung has accompanied him. Ma Jun says Yu Kyung will soon be her daughter-in-law, so she shouldn’t be so cold to her. Tak Gu has arrived at the Goo’s house and gathers his belongings from the car. Assistant Cha goes to drop of Mi Sun, before he goes Mi Sun leaves Tak Gu encouraging words;

Tak Gu! Don’t be discouraged and don’t starve. Be yourself, like Kim Tak Gu. Straighten your chest!

The girls of the house meet in the living room to hear Yu Kyung explanation about the marriage ordeal. Yu Kyung confirms that she is seriously considering marriage, she told In Sook she would show her how far she’d go. In Sook admits defeat, but Yu Kyung has gone too far to quit now since they’ve already received permission from the President.

Before their argument goes any further, Ma Jun stops it. In Sook wasn’t done talking yet, but Ma Jun tells her that Yu Kyung and him are done talking. In Sook doesn’t want Ma Jun to continue acting like this at such an important time, but Ma Jun only wants Yu Kyung. If In Sook doesn’t want to see him die, she must acknowledge their wedding. Ma Jun flashes her the bracelet on Yu Kyung’s hand.

In Sook is speechless. As Yu Kyung and Ma Jun walk out they encounter Manager Han and Tak Gu briefly. Tak Gu heads off into his father’s room.

Ma Jun sits at a bench outside and pulls Yu Kyung close to him, in an awkward position might I add. In Sook is seen sitting down looking distorted, breathing heavily. Ja Kyung walks down the stairs slowly and glances at somewhere off screen.

Tak Gu is massaging his unconscious father’s leg. He thought that being President was going to be easy, but it’s actually  hard work. He is unsure if he can convince the Board of Directors that he can be Il Jong’s successor.

Ja Kyung enters the room and asks Tak Gu if he really is moving into the house, no one has welcomed him here and they all feel uncomfortable. He is only staying until the President regains consciousness and he’ll try not to be seen. If that fails, he’ll just move himself to the lower house. He just wishes to see his father in the morning and at night.

Tak Gu enters the lower house and uncovers all the furniture. He places his valuables neatly on a table and opens the kitchen where his father would bake every morning. He repeatedly says, “Like me. Like Kim Tak Gu.”

The next day at work, Tak Gu greets his subordinates and asks them to remove all the documents from his office and to make charts for him. He wants the breads that have sold well and breads that have not sold well over the past three years and to include why they have or haven’t sold well. He wants every product produced by Geosung over the past three years. He believes using this method, he’ll understand quickly. Yu Kyung has a small smile placed upon her face as she watches Tak Gu work.

Tak Gu and his assistances look at Geosung’s creations over the past three years and Tak Gu is creating new bread, while Ma Jun is trying to up his game to become the successor of Geosung with the help of Manager Han. He is meeting with many people that will be of important use of him in the Geo Seong business.

Doctor Yoon has finally discovered where Tak Gu is and reveals to Mother Mi Sun that he is working as the President’s successor.  Meanwhile, In Sook is in the room of her unconscious husband, the day has finally come where Ma Jun or Tak Gu will be picked as the successor. She is certain that Ma Jun will win.

Returning to the Geo Seong, Yu Kyung finds Tak Gu is sleeping as she places his new suit on a chair. She wakes him up, reminding him of the Director’s meeting later today. She grabs his suit as he is rearranging the documents, they both touch hands briefly as he grabs his suit. She is about to leave, but Tak Gu question if she is all right staying in the Goo family.

She says that personal conversations are difficult in the office, but she’s okay with the family. After all, this is the path she choose to walk and she’ll be happy. She wishes him his best at the Director’s meeting and he reassures her he will.

In Sook, Ma Jun, Ja Kyung, Manager Han, and other followers make their way into the Geo Seong building. Tak Gu gets ready by putting on his new savvy suit and impressing his assistance with his look and confidence. Lawyer Park and his assistants follow behind him as he leaves, aside from Yu Kyung.

The two opposing sides (Tak Gu and Ma Jun) enter the meeting and take their seats. Tak Gu notices that the left side of the meeting room is watching him, but as they make eye contact with him, they break from it.

With the unconscious President, Lawyer Park enters telling him that everything is going according as planned. When Lawyer Park gets no reply, he says “President,” once more and his eyes open. Elsewhere, a car arrives in front of the Geo Seong building and Mother Mi Sun steps out. At the Director’s meeting, Tak Gu initiates the meeting seeing everyone is present.

Comment, rants, and other things:

The plot is rising and I love every moment of it. We see that Il Jong was faking his unconsciousness. I’m dying to see this Tak Gu and Mother Mi Sun reunion! Now I’m rooting for Mi Sun and Tak Gu to get together. The Witch possible thinks Ma Jun knows what happened to his grandmother many years ago. When Ma Jun had taken out that bracelet episodes ago, I forgot the significance of it. And for those of us that have forgotten, the bracelet was lost when the Witch and Manager Han witnessed Madam Hong’s (Il Jong’s mother) death. So that’s why I put that hilarious screencap of her face because I swear that Jun In Hwa has the most funniest facial expressions in this drama. I seriously could not stop laughing at that screencap.

It’s sad to say that I’m not convinced that Yu Kyung and Tak Gu aren’t going to end up together. I enjoy that pairing because they went through so much together and Yu Kyung just blew it to smithereens. She made a bad choice when she ditched Tak Gu for revenge by using Ma Jun. She could have thought through it more, she could’ve stayed with Tak Gu and everything would have been fine. I guess there just had to be a love triangle somewhere. On a plus side, I’m liking the idea of Mi Sun and Tak Gu being together. I like the friendship between Mi Sun and Tak Gu and I’m also curious about Yu Kyung’s reaction if they did end up together. Then, Yu Kyung would notice the mistake she made.

I’m most disappointed in Ma Jun! I thought we could have a love/hate relationship, I thought he would quit his ways, and I thought he would start to become less like his mother. I was wrong; he decided to turn into a bad guy. So we’re no longer in a relationship. His overambitious has hit the all time high. He’s done with pleasing his father and is planning to demolish the source of his problem, Tak Gu. I wish that Ma Jun could realize that Tak Gu is not his enemy. There was plenty of times when Tak Gu was truly sincere to Ma Jun, but he would not have any of it. If only Ma Jun could see that they could work together and grow the company more, Tak Gu has the heart while Ma Jun has the brains.

The battle of the successor is on episode 26!




  1. please upload the complete series of The Baker King.
    I really really love it..
    thank you so much!

    • I do not upload videos. You’re going to have download it somewhere and find English subs. Sorry.

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