Artist Discovery: KOKIA

September 13, 2010

KOKIA – Karma

I stumbled upon KOKIA two years ago with her album, The VOICE. She is one of the most underrated singers in Japan. She has such an elegant voice and a music style that I like. Since her single Fate, I haven’t check out her latest album Real World yet. Though, I intend to listen to it soon.

KOKIA was born July 22, 1976 as Yoshida Akiko (吉田亜紀子), her real name. As a child, she was very musical, occupying her time playing the piano and violin instead of toys. When attending a music university in the USA, she started to learn how to play the piano. KOKIA returned to Japan and was accepted into the Toho Gakuen, the most prestigious musical school in Tokyo, Japan. She majored in opera, as this style showed off her voice to its full potential. While attending the school, she got signed to Pony Canyon.

She released her debut single, Aishiteru Kara (愛しているから; Because I Love You), in 1998 under her new stage name KOKIA, which is her first name backwards. The single reached in the Top 20 in Japan. After releasing her debut album, Songbird, in 1999 she decided to take a break and returned 2001. Where she had switched labels to Victor Entertainment. Since then, KOKIA has released 11 albums and 3 best albums.

Her rendition of Ave Maria has definitely ranked up on my favorites by KOKIA. The lyrics of the song is taking out and she performs the melody in her beautiful opera voice, which I adore!

Albums —

  1. [1999.07.16] songbird
  2. [2002.01.23] trip trip
  3. [2003.11.12] Remember me
  4. [2004.07.21] Uta ga Chikara (歌がチカラ; Songs are Strength)
  5. [2007.05.23] a i g a k i k o e r u (Listen for the Love)
  6. [2008.02.20] The VOICE
  7. [2008.09.24] Fairy Dance ~KOKIA meets Ireland~
  8. [2008.11.12] Christmas gift
  9. [2009.03.18] KOKIA∞AKIKO ~balance~
  10. [2009.03.18] AKIKO∞KOKIA ~balance~ (Indie)
  11. [2010.03.31] REAL WORLD

Videos —

Blog | Official Site | Official French Site


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