Juui Doolittle is Underway

September 14, 2010

During my free time, I happen to stumble upon two diary entries from the staff diary of Juui Doolittle, the upcoming fall drama starring Oguri Shin, Inoue Mao, and Narimiya Hiroki. On September 11, Juui Doolittle started with shooting for the poster, script reading, and did a few interviews for TV guides. During the shoot, there was plenty of cute animals on set. I wonder what that animal on the left is. Also, Shun introduced Mao to Hiroki so there was a comfortable atmosphere!

Anyway, apparently many people from the staff is from Hana Yori Dango! Now, this is just too ironic. Shun and Mao were part of the main cast of Hana Yori Dango, now there’s some staff members as well? Hehe, I just find this too funny!

Check out the latest English translated entry from the staff diary after the cut.

The shooting has begun with Oguri Shun-san!!

It was a shooting in a park that day, but it was so hot!
The dogs looked like they were suffering from
heat exhaustion (>_<)!!

So Mao-san put her own ice pack on them!!The shooting has just begun!!
Please look forward to it♪♪

SOURCE: UnleashTheGeek


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