Baker King, Kim Tak Gu: Episode 26

September 19, 2010

Sigh, Baker King. Why am I so addicted to you? Perhaps it’s your constant teasing and cliffhangers that keep me coming back for more.

EDIT (9/20): Minor edit.

Tak Gu begins to present but he drops his folders and has the opposing side (Ma Jun, The Witch, Manager Han) smirking at his mistake. Thank goodness, Ja Kyung is warming up to Tak Gu. Ma Jun stands and volunteers to go first since Tak Gu is not prepared.

The paper presented in front of everyone is the business plan for Geo Seong Food over the next 10 years. Ma Jun wishes to change the company from high quantity to better quality and  image. So he believes that having the company change to a small quantity batch production system will work best.

Tak Gu looks nervous and In Sook announces Tak Gu’s turn. He’ll have to convince them that he has the sufficient skills and capability to remain as the President’s successor (or Pro Tem).

Do it your way. The way Kim Tak Gu would do it. Head high and shoulders back. Hm?

Tak Gu recalls Mi Sun’s word and stands. He states that he is awkward in his current position as the President’s successor. In Sook question if he’s even prepared to convince the Board. He decided to use bread instead of documents though.

The mention of using bread for his presentation causes a stir with the Board. Tak Gu signals his assistants and bread is given to everyone to taste. Someone from the Board notices the bread is the company’s product.

Tak Gu explains that it’s bread he made this morning, not by the Geo Seong Foods factories. The opposing is surprised and the Board is approving. Tak Gu admits that he’s not good at anything else besides bread. However, he believes that one thing he can do in the President’s place is make bread.

Tak Gu further explains that in the President’s bread he places his self-esteem in it. For the past 30 years, the strength of Geo Seong Foods is the taste of bread. Maybe the President was trying to preserve his own vision by having Tak Gu in the company.

Agreements flutter the room, but is halted by Ma Jun:

So, how long do you plan to operate just selling the breads that Father made? Times have changed and tastes have changed, and yet we’ll still sell the same products we’ve always sold? Do you think that such a casual attitude can run a business?

Tak Gu refutes that having your own signature flavor can be a new beginning and Ma Jun must not forget that they are people who make bread.

Lawyer Park reminisces about his conversation with the President. Lawyer Park doesn’t understand why he chose Tak Gu for his position. The President says that Tak Gu has truth in him and has a remarkable strength of sincerity. Back to the present, Lawyer Park understands the President’s words, showing a small smile.

The assistants arrive in their office and Yu Kyung is curious about the meeting. For now, Ma Jun is leading the Product Development Team, but Tak Gu’s position is vague since another Board of Director’s meeting is to be held next month. Tak Gu hears the news from Lawyer Park on the rooftop and he holds the same reaction as Yu Kyung, “Excuse me?”

What is he suppose to do at the company until the meeting? He is not to stay at the building, but go to Cheongsan factory. Manager Han explains to In Sook that Tak Gu must make a new product that will be used for the company’s brand. If he succeeds, the Board will accept him as head of the company. Manager Han reassures her that the factory in Cheongsan has been poor recently, so he believes this move is a way to push him out.

Tak Gu is flustered by the decision and discovers Lawyer Park proposed it to Director Yoo. If he faces the situation headstrong and succeeds, people will trust and follow him. If Tak Gu believes he can’t succeed, he should relinquish his current position now.

Lawyer Park is relieved that Tak Gu left a favorable impression and he wishes Tak Gu success at Cheongsan. At Tak Gu’s current office, he gulps down a glass of water Yu Kyung has given him. Yu Kyung questions if he has decided to go to Cheongsan. Since the Board members have decided so, he will. He’s come this far, so why not go farther? Not to mention, it’s in Cheongsan, their hometown.

No matter where he goes or what he does, Yu Kyung knows he’ll do well. Tak Gu thanks her and he’ll do his best. Tak Gu wishes Yu Kyung could go with him, but he apologizes for speaking out of turn and calls the assistant’s office. He wants Cha to get the car ready so he can go to Cheongsan.

Mother Mi Sun and her assistant, Jang, arrive. Mi Sun is not sure if it is appropriate to meet Tak Gu, all his life he has been fine without her. She is reminded of when she was saying goodbye to Tak Gu forever. Il Jong wanted him to sever ties from her and raise him as his legitimate son. Mi Sun begins to enter the elevator and at this time, Tak Gu also enters from upstairs.

Mi Sun stops, swaying back and forth. She holds herself up with a hand on the wall and Jang comes to supports her up. She doesn’t want to go up yet. An elevator opens and Tak Gu walks out, passing his mother. Thank goodness, he stops! He asks about her condition, but Jang reassures him she’s all right.

“KIM TAK GU- SSI!” Tak Gu walks over to Director Yoo and his colleagues. Tak Gu’s  bread and speech has moved the Board. All the while, Mi Sun is shocked as she gazes at her son. The businessmen give Tak Gu exchange encouraging words as they walk to the front.

Tears fill Mi Sun eyes; she is happy that Tak Gu has become a decent adult. As she gazes at Tak Gu, her vision begins to blur and Jang catches her as she falls. They move out of site and Mi Sun passes out in Jang’s arms. Tak Gu looks back believing that someone has called his name, but assistant Cha says no one has and they leave for Cheongsan.

Lawyer Park tells the President that everything is according as planned; the Board has agreed to send Tak Gu to Cheongsan. Though, Lawyer Park is uncertain Tak Gu can improve the poor state of the factory in one month.

Ma Jun is in his new office and the Witch enters. She wants him to spend six months in his current position; by next year he’ll be the Executive Director. Everyone is watching in the company, so Ma Jun should be careful. The Witch is about to leave, but Ma Jun wants the wedding pushed forward.

The Witch bought him into the company like she had wanted; now he wants her to bring Yu Kyung by his side. Why would she permit the wedding? No, no In Sook you know you shouldn’t have gone there! Ma Jun informs her that he found the bracelet, the one that Yu Kyung is wearing, where his grandmother died.

The Witch is taken aback, she wants to know what he knows about that night, but Ma Jun won’t answer any question. He wants her to approve the wedding.

Yu Kyung meets with the Witch at her home. The Witch demands her to kneel down and Yu Kyung does so. The Witch asks her how it feels, but receives no respond. The Witch lists them for her: humiliated, low and wretched.

Before Yu Kyung bears a son, the Witch won’t even register the marriage or consider her a member of the family. The Witch is not certain how long Yu Kyung will bear being Ma Jun’s wife and a Geo Seong Foods daughter-in-law. They’ll just have to wait and see.

Its nightfall and Tak Gu has arrived at the Cheongsan factory. He looks around and reminisces when he first came. Fourteen years ago, he met his father here while stealing some bread. Tak Gu enters the factory, but assistant Cha insist they wait for the factory manager. As the two enter, a figure stands watching them.

Tak Gu notices that it’s scorching in the factory, how are they managing the factory at such temperatures? Tak Gu notices a figure running in the depths of the factory and shouts if anyone is there. Tak Gu finds a flashlight and still searches for the figure. He follows it and opens a door, the figure throws a punch and a small fight erupts.

Cha switches on the lights, before Tak Gu throws a punch he registers the man’s face. The factory manager arrives and Cha explains that he called him earlier and that Tak Gu is the President’s Pro Tem.

Yu Kyung arrives in Ma Jun’s office and informs him they received permission from his mother for the wedding. Ma Jun is surprised that the Witch told her directly and hugs her. Yu Kyung wishes to know the importance of the bracelet, but Ma Jun tells her it’s nothing and he wants her to focus on becoming his woman.

At the Goo house, the Witch is having a tantrum, shoving wine bottles out of their shelves, not liking the fact she approved of the wedding. All the while, the President lies awake in his room.

Tak Gu wants to know who the man was earlier and he is Shin Shi Ho (referring as Shin). He has been working in the factory for about 5 or 6 years. The factory gave him a job as a security guard seeing that he had no family and no place to go. Tak Gu seems to know him, but he tells the manager that’s not the case.

Tak Gu wanted to meet the manager because he heard the situation at the factory is horrific and he wanted to look into it. The manager says that the factory has no hope and Tak Gu should head back to Seoul.

Half the employees have left due to the rumors that the factory was closing and the orders have gone down by a third, and the company does not produce much on a daily basis. Tak Gu is still willing to try, he has to make a new product within a month. Since he’s already at the factory, he decides looks around.

Tak Gu wonders around alone in the factory, he opens a flour bag from a shelf and feels its texture. Tak Gu sees Shin watching him and follows him outside. Tak Gu knows that he is Yu Kyung’s father. He wonders how he has been and mentions Yu Kyung.

Shin becomes angry and grabs Tak Gu’s collar. Yu Kyung threw him in jail and left, he doesn’t even want to hear her name. The day he hears news about her is the day him and his daughter will die. That’s harsh…

It seems he hasn’t changed, after all this time. Tak Gu doesn’t understand how he can feel such hatred towards his only daughter. Shin just wants him to keep his mouth shut and go back to Seoul. If he makes one wrong move here, he could die. Hidden in the dark, the factory manager had witnessed everything and returns to his office to call Manager Han.

Jin Gu is with Manager Han as he hangs up the phone. Jin Gu wishes to handle the situation with Tak Gu and go to Cheongsan. However, Manager Han needs Jin Gu to escort a third party, that hold a 3.8 of their shares, involved with Tak Gu to the building.

Doctor Yoon informs Mother Mi Sun, who lies in a hospital bed, she’ll need a corneal transplant within 2 – 3 months. He’ll wait another month for a donor otherwise they’ll have to get surgery abroad. Ju Taek insists she get her strength back before doing anything. Why didn’t she just meet Tak Gu, since she went to meet him?

Mi Sun was ashamed. When Tak Gu was growing up he endured many hardships, while she was plotting her revenge. She doesn’t want to reappear and get in his way. Doctor Yoon insist she meet him before her condition worsens. She is satisfied with seeing Tak Gu from a distance, if she dies, she has no regrets.

Manager Han heard from Ma Jun that the Witch had approved of the wedding and it will be held when the President regains consciousness. She hands him a piece of paper, she discovered Yu Kyung entered an orphanage at twelve. They found fractured bones when she arrived and her family registry was recreated. The Witch wants to know who her biological parents are and for Yu Kyung to give up on the wedding on her own.

Yu Kyung knocks and enters the room, asking what is needed. It turns out the Witch wants to take her out.

Tak Gu is at the company asking for Yu Kyung, but she left early.  Tak Gu wants Eun Jing to have Yu Kyung call him if she reaches her. Ma Jun hears the conversation and meets Tak Gu in private.

What’s so important he needs to tell Yu Kyung? It’s nothing he can tell Ma Jun. Ma Jun pulls the jerk card and informs him of their wedding after their father awakes. Since Yu Kyung is going to be family, he should release his hopeless emotions so it won’t be tough on him.

Tak Gu wants Ma Jun to make her happy and be her leaning shoulder. He walks away trying to stray away his tears, he concludes that he shouldn’t tell Yu Kyung about her father and heads to Pal Bong’s bakery.

The bakery family step out and welcome him home. Young Ja invites him to eat with them, but Tak Gu has a favor to ask first. Inside the house, Tak Gu pours out Geo Seong’s products from the Cheongsan factory and have them try it. The bread taste unpleasant and Gap Soo believes that the factory should shut down.

Tak Gu must revive the factory and make a new product there within a month, then the Board will accept him. He needs their help, just this once.

In Mok, Gap Soo, and Jae Bok have a short interview with the factory manager. They pass since they know how to make bread and have a reasonable answer for wanting to work at a factory that is about to shut down.

Jae Bok has the storage room; Tak Gu won’t know the state it’s in with just written reports. In Mok is in charge of the dough, he must pay close attention to the process and packaging. Tak Gu wants Gap Soo to be able to get a read of the worker’s mindset and general mood.

They all file in their inspection reports to Tak Gu in his office. The storage is a complete mess: more than half the flour is over a year old and the quantity of materials is not even close to the official documents. The factory conditions are a mess too. In Mok is amazed that the bread can be made in such circumstances. Gap Soo explains that the employee’s morals are also at rock bottom. The workload has increased since the workforce is cut in half and there’s no increase in benefits.

The headquarters only recorded spending being made, which means someone in the middle has been misusing the money. The increasing total is easily over a billion won, it’s too large for embezzlement by the factory manager, but Tak Gu can’t prove anything since there’s no documents. The three will continue monitoring the situation at the factory.

In the Goo house, dinner is being served and Yu Kyung is with them. Ma Jun insist on a wedding date. They all stop eating and Ja Kyung says their father is still ill. He explains in these types of households, children are precious, so weddings are pushed forward at times like this. Isn’t it filial piety to have their father see him get married?

Does he believe their father will die? Ma Jun tells them they need to be thinking of the worst case scenario. The Witch calls for silence; this week is a crucial point for their father and they’ll revisit the conversation if his condition worsens. So it isn’t a bad idea to get the wedding gifts and apparel ready.

Ja Rim notes how Ma Jun and the Witch don’t seem in their right minds, but Ma Jun rebuts that that weddings aren’t planned in people’s right mind. Ja Kyung and Ja Rim leave the table, having enough of Ma Jun.

After dinner, Yu Kyung leaves the house and is angry that he insists on making it awkward and difficult for her. On top of that, his father is ill; he should stop pestering. If they don’t push the wedding, it will never happen. Ma Jun reminds her that she would go down this path with him and won’t have any regrets. He wants her to do it his way and pulls her into (another) hug.

He wants to know she’ll continue this, she is about to return his hug, but stops. Tak Gu is coming home from work and watches their embrace. He leaves and heads into his father’s room. He sees Ja Kyung and asks about their father’s condition. He still is the same as before. Ja Kyung watches Tak Gu as he talks to their father and massages his legs.

Ju Taek is concerned with Mi Sun’s state, she won’t speak and her eyes wander in and out. Doctor Yoon understands and will visit Tak Gu, they both agree to not say anything to Mi Sun. Jin Gu walks past Doctor Yoon as he leaves.

The factory manager brings in Shin to Manager Han, who Shin recognizes. Manager Han cuts to the chase and asks if his daughter is Shin Yu Kyung.

Tak Gu arrives and sees Manager Han leave the building. Tak Gu wants to know why he is at Cheongsan, which he claims is personal matters. Here comes Shin. Tak Gu becomes aware of the situation and halts Shin from entering the car.

Shin is planning to see his daughter; he doesn’t have to report to Tak Gu. Tak Gu explains he hasn’t acted as a proper father to Yu Kyung, so he doesn’t have the right to step back into her life. Shin pushes him aside and Tak Gu wants him to act like a real father, just this once.

Yu Kyung is looking at wedding dresses accompanied by Ma Jun and the Witch. The Witch gazes at the clock.

Tak Gu rushes into the Geo Seong building and Doctor Yoon is behind him. He searches for Yu Kyung and the Witch called her out again. Yu Kyung displays a wedding gown and Ma Jun is captivated. The Witch spots Manager Han and signals to him.

Tak Gu receives the address and goes into the first available elevator – Doctor Yoon steps out and in goes Tak Gu. A hand stops the elevator from closing and Doctor Yoon asks, “Kim Tak Gu?”

At the hospital, Jin Gu enters Mi Sun’s room with a wheelchair. He has come to escort her and when he sees her face, he realizes who she is. Manager Han enters the wedding shop alongside Shin and Yu Kyung recognizes him. Shin stares at his daughter.

Doctor Yoon asks if Tak Gu knows Kim Mi Sun from Cheongsan.

Comment, rants, and other things:

I never imagined that Yu Kyung’s father would return.  When he left, I thought he’d be gone forever, with no explanation about what happened. Shin didn’t look hostile when he saw Yu Kyung, despite his blabber about killing her. Instead, he looked genuinely concerned about Yu Kyung. I think he is planning to apologize to her and attempt to rekindle their broken relationship. However, Yu Kyung seems traumatized from the abuse, so I won’t be surprised if she denies that Shin is not her father.

The Witch’s karma is building and you bet I’m excited. Ma Jun decided to pull a “I-scratch-your-back-now-you-scratch-mine” and threaten to reveal the bracelet ordeal, how messed up is that? Her own child is threatening her. I have a big smile on my face while the Witch is terrified of that Ma Jun may know (but we know that he knows) about his grandmother’s death.

When Ma Jun flaunts about Yu Kyung to Tak Gu, it frustrates me. He tries too hard to show Tak Gu he’s better than him: he has everything, he has a better education, and he has HIS girl. I like how Tak Gu handles the situation he’s not giving in to Ma Jun’s tactics. When he brings up Yu Kyung, Tak Gu doesn’t get anger and lose himself. Instead, he doesn’t attempt to win her back or beat Ma Jun to a plop. He still has feelings for her, but he wishes Yu Kyung happiness with his “half-brother”. I admire Tak Gu’s perspective of things, especially at that meeting. He doesn’t have the proper education for his father’s position, but he’s passionate and ambitious enough to overcome obstacles. And what about that Mi Sun (Not Mother) and Tak Gu vibe I was feeling last episode?

One thing that I dislike about Baker King is how they keep teasing me. Mother Mi Sun and Tak Gu almost encounter each other. I was jumping up and down, hollering and screaming, but for what? They didn’t even end up talking to each other, they never made eye contact, and Tak Gu never saw her face.

Why must you keep torturing me like this?!




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  2. hi- nice i got your site. cool that you have the summarizes of baker king, i love this too! ^_^

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