JUJU Covers Hikki’s First Love

September 19, 2010

JUJU‘s upcoming cover album Request is covering songs from female singers (the album was originally JUJU sings BEAUTIFUL WOMAN) ranging from MISIA, Namie Amuro, even the brilliant greenRequest will be released on September 29. Check out tracklist and listen to Utada Hikaru‘s First Love after the cut.

Edit: (9/30) Information on JUJU

JUJU is a pop/R&B artist under Sony Music Association Records label. She rose to fame after collaborating with Spontania, then Japanese hip-hop trio, on their single, Kimi no Subete ni in 2008.


  1. Hello, Again ~Mukashi Kara Aru Basho~ (Original: My Little Lover)
  2. Tsutsumi Komu You Ni… (つつみ込むように…) (Original: MISIA)
  3. Time goes by (Original: Every Little Thing)
  4. Gips (ギブス) (Original: Shiina Ringo)
  5. There will be love there -ai no aru bashou- (-愛のある場所-) (Original: the brilliant green)
  6. Don’t wanna cry (Original: Amuro Namie)
  8. WHITE LOVE (Original: SPEED)
  9. Suki (すき) (Original: DREAMS COME TRUE)
  10. WILL (Original: Nakashima Mika)
  11. Last Kiss (Original: BONNIE PINK)
  12. First Love (Original: Utada Hikaru)

SOURCE: peachie_ego @ LiveJournal


One comment

  1. damn, she covered a ton of hits…
    but whos juju???

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