Rumble Fish – I Feel Good

September 19, 2010


1. 기분 좋은 말 (I Feel Good)

This is Rumble Fish’s first digital single since the release of her mini-album, I Am Me earlier this year. The digital single was released on September 8, 2010.

My gosh, I’m love 기분 좋은 말 (I Feel Good). Whenever I listen to the song, I feel the need to get up and dance! The sound of this track is distinct from Rumble Fish’s previous materials. Then again, I’ve only heard her mini-album and a couple tracks when Rumble Fish was a band. I find that Choi Jin Yi’s vocals suits the track and her voice truly flourishes as the song builds into the chorus.

OVERALL: I am turning into a Rumble Fish fan and it’s sad that the band disbanded and Choi Jin Yi is running solo. On a positive note, I Feel Good is a happy track with an addicting upbeat tempo that I like! It’s nice to hear a different sound from her I Am Me mini-album, I just wish there was more! I love the sound she is producing and will definitely watch for her next release!


기분 좋은 말



  1. If you are her fan I doubt you have missed these, but just in case: she had a collaboration single with Cho PD back in early December, and just last week Mazik Flow’s debut EP came out and she is featured in one track. I am a fan of her myself and well, too bad the band had to go their separate ways, same thing happened to JiSun and Loveholic, but oh well, at least they keep making music 🙂

    • Yeah, I heard of those tracks, but never got around to getting them yet. I’m so bad! Haha! I’ll try to get around to them once I finish one of my school projects! D<

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