Artist Discovery: 10cm

September 26, 2010

10cm (십센치) – 아메리카노 (Americano)

I found 10cm while searching around for Brother Su songs on YouTube. I fell in love with their song Tonight, I’m Afraid of the Dark and started looking for more of their music. These guys have to be one of my favorite indie bands from Korea. Their music is laid back and mellow carried by soothing voices that leave me feeling relaxed.

10cm is a Korean indie band consisted of Kwon Jeong Yeol and Yoon Cheol Jong. Jeong Yeol is the main vocals and plays percussion while Cheol Jong plays vocals, guitar, and tambourine. The two have known each other for twelve years and were in the same band in high school. The two formed their band in Hongdae (Hongik University area) and began gaining recognition slowly by performing on streets and performing in clubs.

Their song Tonight, I’m Afraid of the Dark made it onto a indie rock compilation album titled Mint Paper Project Vol. 3. I love everything about this song, the acoustic sound, percussion, vocals, and lyrics. Everything is woven together perfectly.


  1. [2010.04.22] The First EP

Compilation Albums

  1. [2010.05.10] Life – Mint Paper Project Vol. 3

Digital Singles

  1. [2010.07.03] Americano



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One comment

  1. just a comment!! (: these two had a band before they went for their military service (군대) in the name of hesong 혜성 or smth of that sort!

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