Report 2: Keeping You Updated On Juui Dolittle

September 26, 2010

I wonder how many volumes the “Keeping You Updated On Juui Dolittle” will last for. I’ll be having diary entries from the staff and actors. Once promotions and interviews are underway, there will be no more reports! Today’s report is from a staff, check it out after the cut!

Filming with the Dogs~♪

Continuing from the previous entry, a report of Dolittle filming!!

Filming for the last scene of Episode 1 took place in the morning.
It was a scene of taking a stroll with many dogs…

With so many dogs, it was difficult to hear what anyone was saying.

In the drama, Asuka is supposed pull the dogs, but the energetic dogs pulled Mao instead!

The staff use bait to attract the dogs to walk straight… that’s the technique used during filming.

At the sight of a dish, the dogs are motivated!!

“Whatever the animal, I like them all!!” said Mao. Even when she wasn’t filming, she was close to the dogs. When they were tiring out due to the heat, she gently told them, “Just for a little while more, do your best.”

Oguri too, takes the dogs for a walk when there’s no filming…
Most of the cast filming Dolittle love animals☆

Taking a walk~☆

Besides dogs, there’ll be a cat, a horse, a monkey and other animals in the drama!!

Wonderful guests will also appear as pet owners!!
Among them will be Wakamura Mayumi, Nishimura Masahiko, Konno Mahiru, Izawa Masaki, Masuda Takahisa of NEWS, Kanie Keizo and Ohashi Nozomi

They’ll be making appearances one after another!

The animal paired with Masuda is cute!

Hanabishi Sensei will finally make his appearance in the next report!!
Look forward to it~~☆

SOURCE: Unleashthegeek




  1. Dogssss!!!!Mao looks cute.

  2. both of them were very cute with dogs n_n

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