Oh no!!!!

September 27, 2010

Last week, my laptop notified me that I needed a new battery since it was reaching the end of its useable life. Coincidently, my AC adapter was too. I had to plug it in multiple times before I got the green light indicating it was prepared to charge my beloved laptop. Sigh, so here is my horrible tale of terror…..

I was happy when I arrived home from school. The weather was warm, it didn’t help that I was wearing gray, and Mondays tend to make me sleepy.  I turned on my laptop and plug in my  working AC adapter since I failed to charge it this morning. I decided to throw together a quick meal before spending time with my online assignments. Once I finished, my AC adapter decided to fry on me, out of nowhere. I only have about 15 minutes of battery time. Yes, thank you AC adapter, it’s not like I had any important things to do. You could’ve failed on me this weekend, preferable Sunday.

I’m currently on the family computer and should be getting my new battery and AC adapter replacements in 3 – 5 business days. I’m thinking my stuff will arrive in 5 days because I tend to get things delivered on the very last business day. I may be able to post some updates on news, but Baker King episode 27 and 28 recap are delayed to next week! Sorry about that guys! On a plus side, I’ll most likely be able to get news posted and continue with writing the recaps, not saving any pictures until my laptop is up and running! Remember just to check the Forthcoming Page to see progress of reviews and such!


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