Utada Hikaru for Pepsi NEX CM, Two Day Concert, and Twitter Account!?

September 27, 2010

Great news for Utada Hikaru fans (including myself), Utada has announced a new track called, Hyme a l’amour ~Ai no Anthem~. The track is a cover by the famous French singer, Édith Piaf. Utada will be singing in French along with Japanese lyrics that Utada has created for the track. The track will be featured in upcoming commercials for Japan’s Pepsi NEX. Hyme a l’amour ~Ai no Anthem~ will be available for download tomorrow from Chaku-Uta (short ver.) and the full track will be available on October 9th from Chaku0-Uta Full and for PC downloads. Want to see the commercial? Check out Pepsi’s official site.

Also, Utada will be performing in Japan for the first time in four years. She will be performing two nights at the Yokohama Arena on December 8th and 9th. For those interested, further details on ticket availability will be announced in October on Hikki’s WEBSITE. Before I forget, check out Utada’s official twitter account.



  1. I was so shocked when I saw the pictures. She looks beautiful! Waiting for all the new tracks is going to be torture :(.

    • I was so excited when I saw the picture! I then went to watch the CM! Hehe! I agree about the new tracks! We just have to wait about 2 months or less! I realized that when she releases her single collection, I’ll be going off for Thanksgiving vacation! ;D

      • Oh vacation and new music. Lucky you! I’ll have piles of essays to do during that time :(.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that! Well, I’ll probably be doing a bunch of reading and maybe an essay for my AP classes! So we’ll both be suffering! D:

  3. First, gorgeous pic. Second, can’t wait for the track for the CM!!

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