miwa New Single Picked as Juui Dolittle’s Theme Song

September 30, 2010

Twenty year old Japanese singer and songwriter, miwa, will be realeasing a new single titled, Otoshimono (Lost Item) on December 1st. The track will be used in this fall’s drama, Juui Dolittle starring Oguri Shun, Inoue Mao, and Narimiya Hiroki.

miwa created the song after reading the script for Juui Dolittle, and said, “I have noticed that you notice important things, such as trust or bonds, when you are about to lose it. So I made this song with a hope to take back the important things I have lost.”

miwa has released six singles, two of them being indies. She broke from the indie scene and made her major debut with Sony Music Records on March 3, 2010 with her single don’t cry anymore. For any Bleach fans out there, you may recognize her from her recent single, chAngE, which was used as Bleach‘s 12th opening theme. Check out the PV after the cut!

SOURCE: TokyoHive


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