Utada Single Collection Vol. 2 Cover and Pepsi CM

October 3, 2010

. . . . . . . . . WHAAAATTTTT?!?!?!?!?!

I had that same reaction. Now is this really the cover? No. On Utada‘s twitter, she said – in English, “I regret the way we displayed the cover of the new album on the EMI website. It fails to convey the beauty and coolness of the real thing.” She also added, “I think this could be the best designed album I’ve ever had, especially the first-run limited edition. Even putting aside the Kuma Charm [:”

So, first press bonuses include a 3-fold paper sleeve and case, Kuma Chang amulet (designed by Utada herself), and lottery application for invitation to Yokohama Arena concert. Also, the second part of Utada’s single collection has been confirmed, here it is as follows:

01. 嵐の女神 (arashi no megami)
02. Show Me Love (Not A Dream)
03. Goodbye Happiness
04. Hymne a l’amour
05. Can’t Wait ‘Til Christmas

Oh yes, for those who haven’t seen Utada’s Pepsi CM, here it is!

SOURCE: U.Blog, Utada’s Official Twitter



  1. I love the track titles! I actually want the Kuma amulet and I don’t know why lol.

    • Completely agree with the Kuma amulet! I’m curious about what it looks like! And I’m totally stoked for the new tracks! 😀

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