Kitagawa Keiko films Paradise Kiss in New York

October 9, 2010

Remember some time ago when Kitagawa Keiko and Osamu Mukai were confirmed for the lead of the upcoming movie Paradise Kiss? Well,  Kitagawa Keiko posted a new entry on her blog about her stay in New York and filming Paradise Kiss while there.

I was in New York for filming. I think New York is similar to Tokyo, so I didn’t feel like I was abroad, but for me to feel the foreign atmosphere was a good stimulus. Although this was my first time in New York, America is one of my favorite countries because of its rejuvenating influence. Since I was able to take back my ‘real’ self there, I will work hard in Japan once again starting tomorrow!

SOURCE: TokyoHive, Kitagawa Keiko’s Official Blog



One comment

  1. she was good in ‘piecing me back together’ http://aparoo.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/piecing-me-back-together-j-movie-2010-kieko-kitagawa/

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