Mika Nakashima Cancels All Activities and Official Apology

October 23, 2010

Recently, Mika Nakashima‘s official site has revealed that the Japanese singer will temporarily stop all activities as a singer to focus on correcting a deterioration of her ears. Nakashima is currently suffering from an opening in the eustachian tube, a condition that has already made it very difficult for her to continue singing.

The pop singer and songwriter is also celebrating her 10th year of her debut and the imminent release of her newest album “STAR” which is to be released October 27, 2010, this coming Wednesday. Due to her condition, her current tour, “MIKA NAKASHIMA 10th ANNIVERSARY’S SPECIAL LIVE ‘FANS AND BEST” will be cancelled. As well as her television and radio program appearances. Nakashima has left a message for her fans on her official site, stating that she continued to work despite having the condition for several years. However, she could not for her tenth anniversary since the conditioned worsened.

The condition itself affects the eustachian (or auditory) tube, which connects the middle ear to the pharynx, near the top of the throat. Usually, this tube is closed, but in some cases an opening will make hearing, let alone singing, more difficult than it should be. Most cases find that it affects the volume at which they hear things, as well as the pitch of their voice; to others, it may seem lower, causing the sufferer to seem congested. For Nakashima herself, she has a feeling of her ear being blocked and trouble when it comes to her voice being heard.

Here’s a translation of Nakashima’s message from  her official site:

“This time, for a little while
Because of [this condition],
Please allow me to take a rest from singing and activities as a singer.
Until now, [for years] I had been allowed to work while suffering from [it].

Now I greet my 10th year,
And cannot sing due to deterioration
So I want to concentrate on treatment.

However, I am energetic.
Only my ear has caused me this slump [and]
As a singer, it’s mortifying.

To the fans who looked forward to the lives,
I apologize deeply and sincerely.

If I can deliver a song to everyone, even a day earlier,
I’ll be happy. *

– Mika Nakashima”



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