Explanations, explanations….

November 21, 2010


It has been about two weeks since I have posted anything.  I have been busy and jammed with homework. I love having my days full of doing assignments and staying up late. What a wonderful life! And of course, that was sarcasm. I’m happy to say that I am switching out of one of my two AP classes. I’m hoping with this change in my school schedule I should have more free time to post and review on the blogosphere. I have tried to convince my friends to post reviews so people know that this blog is still alive while I’m away. They haven’t posted anything obviously, but I will have to consult with them to help out around Paradise. I’m crossing my fingers that they will distribute their reviews so Paradise can have more varieties in the dramas posted here. For me, my main focus is Japanese drama and I try to throw in Korean now and then. Spoofnick watches a ton of Korean dramas so I will convince her to write reviews….. One of these days….

Last week I was indulging myself in Q10 and I surprisingly like it so far. I have finished half of the first episode. As some of you may know, I have shied away from school dramas over the years. I am hoping I can review Q10 during the Thanksgiving weekend. Also, I doubt I will get my cord for my laptop by Thanksgiving. Most likely, by the end of December I will be getting it. Those wondering about Baker King, I have the drama recap for episode 27, however I cannot find any good quality videos to take screencaps. I will try to post a recap and that will be the last of Baker King because it has gotten hard to find since it stopped airing!


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