New In Town: NIKIIE

December 3, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010, marks the date that NIKIIE (ニキー) made her major debut with her single “Shunkashuutou”. NIKIIE is a new singer who is signed under Columbia Music Entertainment. Her debut song “Shunkashuutou” has gained the power play status for the month of December on 42 FM stations nationwide, breaking the record held by Fukuhara Miho‘s single “CHANGE” in 2008 which was played at 33 stations.

NIKIIE was born on October 12, 1987 in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. At the age of 3, NIKIIE started to play the piano and began to take piano lessons from the age of 4. Throughout her childhood she has been surrounded by music which influenced her to become a musician. In pursuit of her dream, she started her own band when she was only 16 years old and wrote her music. However at 17, NIKIIE left the band realizing her dream was to be a solo singer. In the summer of 2004, NIKIIE started writing original songs to express herself more freely.

She moved from Ibaraki to Tokyo. In Tokyo, NIKIIE gained the attention of Columbia Music Entertainment. As NIKIIE embarks on her singing career, she is accompanied with her beautiful vocals and the keys of her piano. If you haven’t, you should check out her fantastic debut single, catch a 30 second clip of “Shunkashuutou” and about 2 minutes of her second track, “Gensou Forum”.




Gensou Forum

NIKIIE was born on October 12, 1987 in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. 


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