Artist Discovery: Daichi Miura

December 30, 2010

My first encounter with Daichi Miura was near the end of this summer with his catchy song Delete My Memories. Before I knew it, I was enjoying his Who’s The Man album. I’m a sucker for the R&B/Soul genre so I was pleased to add another R&B gem alongside Yuya Matsushita. Though I am not a big fan I still thoroughly take pleasure in his music.

Daichi Miura was born on August 24, 1987 in Okinawa, Japan. Daichi debuted in 1997 at the young age of ten as the lead singer in the R&B group called Folder – consisting of five girls and two boys. He was praised by MISIA as the “Japanese Michael Jackson” because of his outstanding vocal abilities. However, Daichi decided to take a hiatus when he was 12 due to his voice beginning to change. The members of Folder decided to start a spin-off group, Folder5, which only consisted of the five girls.

During his hiatus, Daichi practice his vocal, dancing, and guitar skills. He announced his return to the entertainment world on August 1, 2004. In January 2005, he held his first live in Osaka and Tokyo and decided he would use his full name, “Daichi Miura”. Nearly two months after his live, he released his debut single Keep It Goin’ On under Avex Trax.

Since then, Daichi has released two albums and ten singles. Some of his singles have reached top 20 on the Oricon Weekly Charts. Check out Daichi’s latest single, Lullaby which was released December 15, 2010:

Albums —

  1. [2006.01.25] D-Rock With U
  2. [2009.09.16] Who’s The Man

Singles (Recent 5) —

  1. [2008.07.23] Inside Your Head
  2. [2009.02.11] Your Love (feat KREVA)
  3. [2009.05.20] Delete My Memories
  4. [2010.08.18] The Answer
  5. [2010.12.15] Lullaby

Videos —

BlogOfficial Website


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