Finishing 2010 with a Bang and Welcoming 2011!

December 31, 2010

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Will Smith – Will 2K

It’s almost new year, less than nine hours for the Pacific Northwest. Let’s jam to a Will Smith track! Haha, I remember the days when I listened to his album Willennium! I’ll be enjoying the New Year with my family, so here are my greetings in advance along with my favorites of the year (after the cut):

Happy New Year! 
새해 복 많이 받으세요

Oh, 2010, I have become quite fond of you. We had plenty of great times! I started this blog (and abandoned it, sorry), fulfilled my desire to go to Europe, obtained new and improved glasses (my other ones were in poor condition), discovered a ton load of underrated artists, and found a fun way to stay fit!  Unfortunately 2010, you did have your downsides Utada is going on indefinite hiatus, who knows when she’ll be back. AP classes are a killer, a warning would have been great. Sadly, I did not get Photoshop for Christmas as I had hoped, guess I’ll have to figure out how to work Gimp. Heh. It’s been a thrill ride 2010, but now it’s time to welcome your brother, or maybe its your sister, 2011!

I’m happy to announce we will have a new member on the site who will contribute. Her user name is to be announced sometime in January. I’m glad to have another member on the team so the site will be more diverse with its drama, especially since I do not watch a lot of Korean dramas. As I hinted, the newest member will mostly be covering Korean dramas. YAY!~

I’m awaiting the winter quarter for Japanese drama and hopefully I can keep up with one or two and possible do drama recaps if possible. It will probably be likely I’ll do a first impression and then review when the drama has ended. Oh yes, I am most likely going to do recaps of Face Maker, I’ve already started on the first episode. Let’s see how that works out. Maybe one will be out every week if I’m lucky. I would also LOVE to post this drama recap of Baker King‘s episode 27, but I cannot find a streaming site that has the episode. I already have the recap all written and polished since like… November. Not to mention I was able to get three screen caps before my laptop and charger decided to pull the whole “Let’s-burn-the-circuit” incident. Guess I will have to go snooping around for episode 27 and have the recap up by the end of January – hopefully.

Just a side note, there’s not a lot of drama favorites since I didn’t watch a ton load that 2010 had to offer…. sorry! Let’s review my favorites of the year:


Hotaru no Hikari 2

I did not spend a lot of time watching the dramas 2010 had to offer. I spent my time watching dramas from the past. GAH! I’ll have to try to stay focused with watching 2011 dramas next year. I was ecstatic that Hotaru no Hikari was not going to be left off with that open book ending. Hotaru no Hikari 2 filled me with laughter and joy. I was glad to see that Hotaru and Buchou’s relationship flourish more at a steady pace. Not to mention, I was introduced me to Mukai Osamu. BONUS.

Honorable mentions: Baker King, Coffee House



I did not spend much time listening to the Japanese music that was offered this year, so it was not so hard to narrow down my favorable three. Ai Kawashima‘s 24/24 album is amazing! Her vocals are fantastic and her songs are extremely catchy. Once I finished 24/24 I had to go and listen to her past material! JASMINE IS REMARKABLE. She snatched my ears with Sad to Say and once I listened to GOLD, I became an even bigger fan than I already was. Her music is just my style and I love her color concepts! Now on to Utada, I’m going to miss her. I wish her good luck in growing more as a person. I’m glad she decided to leave her fans five new tracks instead of just disappearing! They have been on replay since her Single Collection Vol. 2 was released.

Honorable mentions: Yuya Matsushita – I Am Me



Oh. My. Goodness. Narsha rocked her mini-album. End of story. I started listening to Korean music more this year, however I found myself swaying from the pop scene and into the indie scene. Rumble Fish captured me with her I Am Me EP. I was jamming out to “Toxic” nonstop and fell in love with the other tracks. Gosh, Choi Jin Yi has amazing pipes! Last, we have Sesame and Cotton Candy debuted this year and I love, love, love their EP. It was such a solid release, their sound is beyond amazing! Seriously, check ’em out!

Honorable mentions: SHINee – Lucifer



You might recognize NIKIIE since her song, “Gensou Forum” is used in the Paradise Tunes widget and I also posted about her at the beginning of this month. Her debut album was a great release, though I wish that “Gensou Forum” was the title track instead. I love the way she rolls her Rs in the chorus. Plus, it’s much darker and has more of an edge than “Shunkashuutaou”, but I do love the title track. When I first heard her I was instantly reminded of aiko because of NIKIIE’s vocals. I hope she continues releasing material next year and I’m crossing my fingers for an great debut album!



The indie band, Sesame and Cotton Candy has me completely smitten with them. As I said before, their debut EP was solid. I love their music style and their vocals. It’s absolutely magnificent! I wished they released more this year because after their EP was on reply for a week, I wanted more! Hopefully, next year they release more materials and an album (crossing my fingers)!

Honorable mentions: tomtom


Chukuma ♥


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  1. Happy New Year! I’m glad to see that Utada, JASMINE and Narsha made it as your favourites this year :p.

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