JOO – Heartmade

January 8, 2011


01. 나쁜 남자
02. 물 한잔도 마실 수 없어
03. 영화도 안보니 (Feat. Chansung)
04. 마주치고 나서
05. 꿈만 같아
06. 나쁜 남자 (Inst.)

Heartmade is JOO’s first mini-album which was released on January 4, 2011. The album marks her comeback from her hiatus after her first album single Young Woman. 나쁜 남자 (Bad Guy) is used as the title track.

Sorry for those who are unable to see the Hangul, I’ll put the Hangul and italicize the English. When I mention the song for a second time I’ll just put the English title.

∞ ∞ ∞

나쁜 남자 (Bad Guy)

“나쁜 남자 (Bad Guy)” is a great ballad for JOO’s return to the music industry and a great start for 2011. The song begins with a soft tone, but as it reaches the chorus JOO’s vocals showcase her polished and stunning voice.  “Bad Guy” has wonderful string arrangements that is accompanied by the piano and guitar which unify with JOO’s vocals. The song tells a story of heartbreak and the MV depicts JOO and her current harsh relationship with her ex-boyfriend (played by 2PM’s Changsung). JOO expresses the emotion of heartbreak as she sings, especially when she sings “Ah~ Ah e ya / I’m so sorry”. It shows how she is still vulnerable as she calls her once lover a “bad” and “wicked guy”. On a side note, Changsung looks so sinister in the MV. He creeps me out! This ballad has been my soundtrack since the release of Heartmade on Tuesday.

Bad Guy leads into “물 한잔도 마실 수 없어 (Can’t Even Take a Glass of Water)” which is another ballad song, however sounding less melancholy than the last. I absolutely adore the chorus as JOO sings “saranghae neol neol neol neomaneul nan nan nan ireoke tto tto tto”, it sounds beautiful as the back track unifies with her voice. “영화도 안보니 (Not Even In The Movies) features Changsung and it is more upbeat especially with the fast paced percussion and the guitar’s melody. I always feel the need to get up and dance, but instead I sing along – it’s so catchy!

JOO takes a break from showing off her high notes with “마주치고 나서(After Looking At You).  I like the melody of the song and JOO’s vocals; however it is not as engaging to me as “Cant Even Take a Glass of Water” and “Bad Guy”. The album finishes with a ballad, “꿈만 같아 (Unbelievable)”.  “Unbelievable” is a slow tempo and JOO’s singing is laidback and smoothing to listen to. It is a nice closure to the mini-album.

OVERALL: Heartmade is a solid comeback. She shows her newly polished voice and the development compared to her Young Girl single which was back in 2008. Her voice development is truly remarkable. Her voice is strong and angelic and fits the ballad genre well. I am very fond of the music production; the producer did a magnificent job blending all the instruments together. I find that the arrangements in the songs suits JOO and I am curious if she will retain this style in the future. Now all I must do is wait!


01. Ä



  1. Nice review there Chukuma, good job. This is my favorite EP so far this year. I never got a chance to listen to her previous singles/OST collabos, so I’ll take your word on her “voice developing”. Best of luck to Joo and her future releases, which hopefully won’t take as long this time around. Cheers!

    • You’ll see a big difference with JOO’s voice, I was astonished! I should have included a link. Here’s one of her songs from her first single back in 2008, Because of A Man.

      • You are absolutely right, the difference after 2 years is huge, not that she was bad back then, but the way her singing voice matured was really for the better. JYPE has done good. Oh, and thanks for the affiliation proposal, you’ve been added to my blog, but now you got me wondering if I should make some buttons haha

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