January 12, 2011

Just over a month ago, NIKIIE released her first major labeled single “Shunkashuutou“. She is preparing for her next single “HIDE&SEEK” which is to be released on March 9, 2011. The title track is to retain its pop melody of her previous single. However, “HIDE&SEEK” is said to be a rock tune with a fast arrangement handled by Nomura Yoichiro, formerly of the now-disbanded unit Nichika and more recently active as a part of the hit-making production group agehasprings. For a sneak peek of her song “HIDE&SEEK“, view the new 2011 Yoyogi Seminar CM below as well as a performance of “Shunkashuutou” from Happy Music.

Additionally, “HIDE&SEEK” will be available for purchase through Recochoku as early as January 19th. I am looking forward to this! I enjoyed NIKIIE’s debut single a ton!

{ SOURCE: roomgirl @ aramatheydidn’t, NEWSJERO }


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