Baker King, Kim Tak Gu: Episode 27

January 17, 2011

Angst. More angst. A surprise. Than when I think it’s nearly over for one episode I get a slap across the face. Thanks Baker King for letting me know that things couldn’t get happy quite yet. We must suffer through the worse before thiings can get better! So here’s the belated recap that I promised, enjoy!

Tak Gu questions who Doctor Yoon is and he is a friend of his mother. Tak Gu is eager to see his mother and Doctor Yoon explains she is sick.

Ma Jun stands wanting to know who Shin is; he is Yu Kyung’s father. The Witch plays her part well, throwing questions and accusing Yu Kyung of not being an orphan. Sheesh Witch, do you even know the definition of an orphan is? Ma Jun wants Yu Kyung to confirm if Shin is truly her father.

Yu Kyung acts as if Shin isn’t her father, tossing questions and her angry rises. Her father is not pitiful and pathetic; he was a drunk who was scary and always angry. He took out his anger by hitting her, even when she had broken bones and bruises, he had no sympathy. If they wanted to stop the marriage, they should have found someone more similar to those aspects.

Shin doesn’t say a word as she goes to her dressing room. Manager Han claims that Shin is Yu Kyung’s real father and she’s lying. The Witch notes how Ma Jun is about to marry a girl who has a vulgar father. He’ll have to take care of him since Shin will be his father-in-law.

In Yu Kyung’s dressing room, she is trembling and falls but catches herself on the mirror; her memories of her abuse flood in. She passes out on the floor and Ma Jun runs to here hearing the assistance making a commotion.

Ma Jun tries to wake her, and the Witch leaves pissed off and Manager Han follows behind, giving a shocked Shin his money.

Tak Gu and Doctor Yoon arrive at Mi Sun’s room, Tak Gu tears are about to spill seeing “Kim Mi Sun” on a frame. He opens the door and she’s not there. Doctor Yoon asks a nurse where Mi Sun is at.

She has been discharged and left a note for Doctor Yoon, which Tak Gu takes. The note reads that she is on vacation and not to worry. She left before the two came.

Tak Gu sprints out of the room with Doctor Yoon following after him. Tak Gu stumbles as he searches  for his mother. Jin Gu walks out of an elevator pushing Mi Sun on a wheelchair.  He goes to his car in the parking garage and assists Mi Sun into the backseat.

Jin Gu drives past the hospital and as he does Tak Gu searches outside, looking into cars. Tak Gu yells for his mother. In Jin Gu’s car, Mi Sun remembers the day when she was kidnapped and inwardly says Tak Gu’s name.

The Witch and Manager Han enter Il Jung’s room. She compliments that Manager Han did well today and he wonders if the marriage between Seo Chang Produce is still possible. Na Jin likes Ma Jun, they can ask her family.

This needs to be decided by the next Director’s meeting. The Witch needs more stocks to be able to win the battle and Manager Han has found someone that has 3.8% of their stocks. He asks about the President’s condition.

The President’s health doesn’t seem to be improving so he won’t gain consciousness any sooner. He grabs her hand and reminds her he is always by her side, but the Witch releases her hand from his grasp.

Manager Han leaves first and a few moments later, the Witch follows behind. Il Jung opens his eyes, so he now knows those two are in evil. Why would you have a conversation like that in YOUR HUSBAND’S room?

Yu Kyung is at her house and she is sleeping. Ma Jun soothes Yu Kyung as she begins talking in her sleep, reminiscing about her abusive father.

It’s nightfall and Tak Gu arrives the Cheongsan factory. Earlier, he had a conversation with Doctor Yoon. He has no clue where his mother went and she may not want to meet him right now. She doesn’t want to interfere in his plans. Tak Gu notes how his mother hasn’t changed.

The factory workers shove Shin out of the factory and attack him, but Tak Gu stops them wanting to know the situation. Shin steals their money to get drunk, so they’re teaching him a lesson.

They continue to beat him up, but Tak Gu hinders them again. In the factory’s office, Tak Gu (well, technically Cha) gives the workers the amount of money Shin has stolen. Tak Gu tends to Shin’s wounds, but Shin objects. Tak Gu isn’t doing this because he likes him. Shin then lets him continue nursing his bruised hand.

Tak Gu asks a line of questions about Yu Kyung; how did he feel after meeting her? Did he feel happy seeing her? Or wanted to beat her again? Shin is angry with the last question, but Tak Gu lectures that Yu Kyung is his only daughter and throws in the guilt questions.

Don’t you feel bad? Constantly ruining her life. Aren’t you ashamed?

Shin compliments Tak Gu for being a good Pro Tem, but no matter how much he lectures, he won’t listen. Tak Gu gives Shin some of his money, telling him not to touch other people’s money and if he needs any, ask him.

Shin is upset, but Tak Gu is not doing this because he likes him, it’s because he is Yu Kyung’s father. His friend’s father is his father too. He wants him to be nice to Yu Kyung. It seems Tak Gu pulled Shin’s heart strings, he continues calling him a punk, but his angry tone has dropped. Shin begins to cry in a secluded hall, remembering his daughter’s harsh words and Tak Gu’s kind ones.

Yu Kyung awakes with Ma Jun’s hand around her, she tries to get up, but Ma Jun stops her. He encourages to have her father out of her life.

Yu Kyung tells him that a relationship between a parent and a child cannot be erased because of trying. It’s there forever because her parents have been embedded in her since she was born.

Ma Jun explains she doesn’t need her parents and her father should be punished. Ma Jun wants her to take Sunday off so they can get married. There won’t be many people congratulating them and it won’t be fancy, but he just wants to marry Yu Kyung. The TWO share a kiss!

At the bakery’s house, Mi Sun sees Tak Gu in his room, still in his work clothes. She is worried and asks why he’s sleeping, he came to rest for a little bit and he’ll be fine. She sets up a pillow, covers him in a blanket, and wishes him a good night.

Doctor Yoon tells Jang that Tak Gu and Mother Mi Sun are much alike with their stubbornness and kind eyes. That aside, Jang wonders where Mi Sun could’ve gone and Doctor Yoon reassures him that she’s with Ju Taek (the old woman). Elsewhere, in a dark hallway, someone is locked in the closet…

Ma Jun and his siblings walk into their father’s room. The Witch looks strained as she tells him to eat breakfast and go to work. She begins to leave until Ma Jun says, “Father, I need to tell you something.”

He announces his upcoming wedding with Yu Kyung and shock runs across all the women. He was waiting for his father to regain consciousness, but he doesn’t think it will work out.

The Witch asks what Ma Jun is doing. Ma Jun tells her she doesn’t have to attend, but it would be a blessing if she doesn’t! OH SNAP! Ja Kyung is quick to defend and Ma Jun gives her and Ja Rim the same answer minus the blessing part.

The Witch tries to set a guilt trap, asking if Ma Jun will feel better if he keeps “stabbing” her in the heart. Ma Jun explodes:

You’re the one… who needs to stop stabbing me in the heart. Don’t mess with me anymore. This is the last time I’ll ask you like this.

With that said, Ma Jun leaves. Doctor Yoon is at his home and answered the phone, it’s Tak Gu. He wanted to know if Doctor Yoon has spoken to his mother, but he hasn’t. Doctor Yoon reassures Tak Gu that he will call him if he speaks with her. After the conversation, Tak Gu puts on his hat given to him by Yu Kyung. He is ready to see the factory’s progress. He calls Doctor Yoon during his free time, asking about his mother.

Finally, the undercover crew and Tak Gu try the factory’s finished bread.

Gap Soo and In Mook believe that the problem is the ingredients. In the inventory log, it says the factory has the best quality flour, but the state of the flour is terrible. This means that someone is embezzling the company’s funds in the middle.

There’s only one solution and that’s to change the supplier. And of course, we have someone prying around which is the factory manager who reports to Manager Han.

Tak Gu is in his office and Manager Han is outraged that Tak Gu is changing the supplier. The supplier has given them flour for over ten years. Tak Gu is aware of their history with the suppliers, but their flour is in poor state.

It’s virtuous to ignore a few bags of expired flour when making business deals. Tak Gu doesn’t agree, that’s reckless when it’s something you eat. Since he’s the Pro Tem, he’ll start using flour within the first month it’s made and the company will have a different supplier who follows his standards.

Manager Han is furious; the supplier has been with the company for over ten years! Shouldn’t Tak Gu be able to decide to terminate the contract? Or is there another reason he can’t?

Is Manager Han involved with the embezzlement? Manager Han is enraged at Tak Gu for accusing him. Tak Gu advices Manager Han to watch his position, after all he is higher than him, and should watch what he says to him. Tak Gu has been studying his position, so when him and Manager Han has conflicting ideas, he can change his position to whatever he wants.

Manager Han is about to have argue back, but Tak Gu reminds him he’s the Pro Tem. The assistances is listening to the conversation and scatter when Manager Han leaves. Tak Gu ask his assistances if he did well though it seemed to harsh, but they reassure him that it was fine especially since Manager Han addresses him rudely.

It seems Tak Gu’s assistances are on his side, all except one who reports the matter to Manager Han. Manager Han calls Jin Gu and tells him to make sure he gets the stocks by Sunday. He walks into the house and Mi Sun explains that she thought he was the President’s people, but she’s being betrayed again.

She believes that Jin Gu and she have a durable connection. She is angry that he has returned and is bothering her again. Why is he doing this? Jin Gu clenches his fist and tells her to rest. He walks outside and the place is heavily secured with Manager Han’s people.

Back to the dark hallway, a janitor hears muffles from the locked door. The woman opens it and sees Ju Taek tied and unwell. Doctor Yoon and Jang rush into Ju Taek’s room; she was locked in the closest for two days and has been dehydrated.  Ju Taek has no idea where Mi Sun is, she remembers someone had tied her up and thrown her into the closet.

Shin walks into the company’s building and Ma Jun gets a phone call. Yu Kyung comes out of an elevator and sees her father. They both stare at each other, but it breaks when Shin continues to follow the guard. He meets with Ma Jun and Yu Kyung conceals herself behind a pillar.

Ma Jun wishes to know who sent him and how much he got paid to bother his daughter. Shin tries to explain the situation, but Ma Jun wants him to leave and never appear in his or Yu Kyung’s lives again.

As Ma Jun is about to leave, Shin exclaims that he is not Yu Kyung’s birth father; he has never had a smart and great daughter like her, so Ma Jun shouldn’t look down on her because of him. He gives Ma Jun money and asks him to return it to him.

He says once more that Yu Kyung and him are in no way related and he wishes the two happiness. Shin leaves Ma Jun and makes his way out the door, when Yu Kyung stops him. Why did he say those things?

He explains that it was Tak Gu who told him to act like a father at least once. He ended up taking it to heart and tried being a father for the first and last time. He wishes her to continue living life as if she didn’t have a father and to live well. He leaves while Yu Kyung tries to hold back tears.

Ma Jun gives Manager Han back his money and explains what Shin told him. He adds that he is marrying Yu Kyung on Sunday. He won’t have to come since his mother and father aren’t. Manager Han questions if Ma Jun even realizes how much he’ll lose from the marriage. At least, he won’t live while gazing at a woman he’ll never had. Oh man, Ma Jun is just burning everyone in this episode.

He notes how Yu Kyung’s father knew what to do for his child’s happiness, but his family has no idea about happiness. Ma Jun will no longer have Manager Han or his mother if they plan on getting in between Yu Kyung and him. Ma Jun leaves his office and stops in front of the assistance office.

Tak Gu is looking through his paperwork and tasting bread at his office. Yu Kyung enters and compliments how Tak Gu will become President at his current rate. Tak Gu is shocked that Yu Kyung has become more like her old self.

She places a letter of resignation on his table and tells Tak Gu she is having a quiet marriage this Sunday. The resignation is best in this situation; Tak Gu understands and congratulates her.

She’ll become happy and live well because she’s Yu Kyung. She thanks him and she’ll live the rest of her life holding him in her heart. The two try to hold back their tears as they embrace and Yu Kyung reassures Tak Gu she will be happy. Let’s not forget we have Ma Jun listening outside the office and storms back into his office.

It’s Sunday and Yu Kyung sits at the church with her wedding gown on. Tak Gu answers his phone and Doctor Yoon has important news about his mother. Doctor Yoon explains to Tak Gu that his mother was kidnapped and he shows him a surveillance tape.

Tak Gu recognizes Jin Gu and goes to Pal Bong’s bakery asking In Mook where he is. Back to the church, Ma Jun is standing in front and Yu Kyung continues to wait. Ma Jun enters and hands Yu Kyung flowers.

In Mook explains to Tak Gu that knows that Manager Han paid Jin Gu’s younger sister’s surgery fees. Ja Kyung, Ja Rim, and Manager Han arrive at the church. The Witch sits at home and stares at the clock. Ma Jun and Yu Kyung walk down the aisle as the visitors take their seats silently.

Ma Jun says his I do and when the priest asks Yu Kyung she remains silent as she reminisces about Tak Gu. The priest asks her again and she replies, “Yes, I do”. They exchange rings and their marriage is official.

Tak Gu sits outside the bakery and Cha comes saying that Manager Han is heading to the Cheongpyoung home. Manager Han presents Mi Sun the paperwork for renunciation of her stocks. He tells Mi Sun to stop being stubborn and sign, it’s her last chance.

She grabs the papers and rips them; she tells Manager Han that is her answer. She asks what he will do to her and he says it’s a shame. He tells his goons to take her away but Jin Gu grabs her arm and offers to take her. He wants to finish what he couldn’t fourteen years ago.

Tak Gu arrives at the house and is stopped by Manager Han’s goons. He continuously calls out his mother’s name and his mother shouts his. Tak Gu passes through the goons and sees her mother in the back of the car.

Jin Gu sees Tak Gu and starts the car and drives. Tak Gu starts running to the car calling for his mother and Mi Sun calling for her son, but Jin Gu has no intention of stopping.

Comments, rants, and other things:

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You are just going to leave me with one of your cliff hangers again. Why don’t you ever think about others?! I know Jin Gu is doing this for Mother Mi Sun’s safety, but I just want an explanations. Now. I would not be surprised if Il Jong is pulling the strings behind Jin Gu’s action. Afterall, they did meet up. They could’ve devised a plan to rescue Mother Mi Sun from Manager Han and the Witch.

I nearly lost my mind when Yu Kyung and Ma Jun kissed. Hello, what about Tak Gu, Yu Kyung? Sheesh. You know what? I don’t care anymore! I never really did like Yu Kyung – she’s is so awkward and stiff to me. She can be with Ma Jun because I’m rooting for Mi Sun and Tak Gu to get together. WOOT! WOOT!



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  1. i love goo majun so man i love him sooooo much saranghaeyo goo majun

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