Kazusa – Kimi to Deatta Sono Hi Kara

January 29, 2011

1. Stand Up For Love
2. Yumemiru Kimochi
3. Beautiful Soldier ~Kyou wo Ikiru Subete no Josei-tachi e~
4. Summer Butterflies
5. Year’s End
6. Kimi no Hitomi ni wa Watashi wa Utsuranai
7. Aitakute
8. Tanpopo
9. you were my baby
10. Zutto, Kono Mama, Eien ni
11. Distance
12. Stand Up For Love -voice & piano-

Kimi to Deatta Sono Hi Kara is Kazusa’s debut album and it was released on November 3, 2010. Her album reached #128 on the Oricon charts, charting for one week, and sold 937 copies.

∞ ∞ ∞

Stand Up For Love” is Kazusa’s third single and was the last to be released before her debut album. The song starts slow and mellow with a piano backing Kazusa nicely. To be honest, I’m not too fond of this song, however I do love Kazusa’s vocals and the building chorus.

Yumemiru Kimochi” and “Beautiful Soldier” are the upbeat tunes of the album, which are both distinct in their sounds. “Yumemiru Kimochi” is more rock orientated and seems to build up slowly as it reaches its chorus. As for “Beautiful Soldier”, it retains a pop centered sound. I am in love with the arrangement. The light electronic sounds in the verses are fantastic! It’s especially fun to sing along with Kazusa during “Namida wooo~”.

The light electronic feel follows into “Summer Butterflies”. Afterward, Kazusa has a string of slow paced songs ahead “Year’s End” reminds me of December with the use of sleigh bells. “Kimi no Hitomi no wa Watashi wa Utsuranai” sounds slow paced yet upbeat at the same time, especially at the chorus. I do love the sound of this long song title. It seems Kazusa has been experimenting much throughout this album. “Aitakute” is Kazusa’s debut album and I do not like it because of the lack of sound. “Tanpopo” isn’t my favorite, but the uplifting feel of this song is quite charming. “you were my baby” is very different. Its rhythm and percussion reminds me of an R&B track and Kazusa’s voice sounds less mature than her other tracks. Maybe she had done this before she was signed with Sony because her voice sounds very different.

Zutto, Kono Mama, Eien ni” definitely sticks out. Kazusa’s vocals sounds crisp along side the piano and when she hits high notes, it sounds so angelic. “Distance” is Kazusa’s second single and it’s the song that got me interested in Kazusa. The song carries itself well and I love when the arrangement soars at “Dakishimete kowareru kurai ni /
dekisugita kotoba nanka ja
/ kono mune no fuan wa kitto kese wa / shinai kara”.

The album started with “Stand Up For Love” and ends with “Stand Up For Love –voice & piano-”. I found it a nice way to end the album, since Kazusa decided to strip most of the arrangement aside from the piano. It sounds absolutely beautiful since it is sung more softly than the original track.

OVERALL: Kimi to Deatta Sono Hi Kara is a nice debut album that showcases Kazusa’s talent. I felt that she did not really bother with the order of the tracking and seeing if they blended well with each other.  However, I do find that Kazusa is experimenting a little which shows in the tracks “Beautiful Soldier” and “Summer Butterflies”. That’s always a good thing. Maybe she’ll continue to do so in her future releases.

Favorite Tracks: Beautiful Soldier, Distance, Yumemiru Kimochi,
Zutto, Kono Mama, Eien ni



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