Artist Discovery: Rie fu (リエ フゥ)

February 19, 2011

Well, I am featuring this gem of talent as my current header. Some may know her because her songs have been used for anime series such as Bleach, Gundam SEED DESTINY, and Darker Than Black -Kuro no Keiyaki-. I first heard of Rie fu when I heard “Life Is Like A Boat” from Bleach. I became an instant fan after hearing that song, though I haven’t been listening to her past albums. I’ve only taken a listen to Tobira Album and URBAN ROMANTIC.

In Tokyo, Japan Rie fu was born on January 11, 1985. Her stage name is actually abbreviated from her full name Rie Funakoshi From 1992 to 1995, Rie Fu lived in Maryland, United States with her family. In Maryland, she began playing the piano and gaining her music inspiration from artist such as Sheryl Crow and The Carpenters.

She learned how to play the guitar while in high school and began writing and recording songs. She later sent a demo tape to the record company Sony and they signed her to their Palm Beach label. Rie released her first single on March 21, 2004 titled Rie who!? while she was attending a university in London. Later that year, her song “Life Is Like A Boat” was chosen as the first ending theme for Bleach, garnering her widespread recognition. Rie fu graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design of the University of the Arts London in fine art. She often designs her own album and single booklets and even features her artwork.

Rie fu is known for her soft pop and bilingual songs, as she is fluent in English and Japanese, such as “Until I Say” and “Life Is Like A Boat”. Though, most of her songs are sung in Japanese with some verses in English. She also has some songs entirely in English and has made given some of her Japanese songs a few English versions.

Rie fu has launched a new era on February 16, 2011 with her newest single, For You. Rie hasn’t released any new material since her last album at Rie sessions back in March of 2010. Check out “For You” PV below:



  1. I love Rie fu! URBAN ROMANTIC is such an amazing album ❤

  2. OMG I love her! She has such an amazing voice 🙂

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