Navi – Hello

March 5, 2011


01. 다시 돌아가 (feat. Yong Jun Hyung of BEAST)
02. 잘 된 일이야
03. 놀라워라
04. 오늘도 난
05. 마음이 다쳐서(feat. Crown J)
06. 끝까지 들어
07. 우리 정말 사랑했어요 (with K.Will)
08. I Love You
09. 길에서
10. 눈물도 아까워 (feat. Hyun A from 4minute)
11. 잘 된 일이야 (Inst.)
12. 놀라워라 (Inst.)

Navi is known for being the “Queen of Covers” and an underrated artist. She released her first full album, Hello, on January 20, 2011. Her album consists of four new tracks and her first five digital singles: I Luv U, Maeumi Dachyeoseo (마음이 다쳐서), Nunmuldo Akkawo (눈물도 아까워), Uri Jeongmal Saranghaesseoyo (우리 정말 사랑했어요), and Kkeutkkaji Deureo (끝까지 들어).

Before I forget, Navi’s birthday is on March 22 and Luminosity is planning to make a birthday video with messages from fans. If you want to send your any messages take a look at the information on Luminosity. It will be closed March 8, so hurry!

∞ ∞ ∞

The introduction of 다시 돌아가 (Go Back Again) commences with the screech of an electric guitar and throws back into a smooth R&B melody. The electric guitar is continuous throughout the track and adds a flare to the song, especially during the chorus. It truly adds to the ache in the lyrics and the icing on the cake is when Navi sings the note after, “Gajima gajima jebal gaji mallago dasi neol kkog angoseo malhago sipeunde Oh~”.  At times, I feel that when raps are inserted into ballad songs, it disrupts the flow of the song. Fortunately, Yong Jun Hyun rap does not feel out of place and still retains the movement of the heartfelt ballad.

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello
Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t hello

I absolutely love the faded echos of the promotion track, 잘 된 일이야 (Well Done). Well Done is another R&B felt ballad just as the previous, but “Well Done” is stripped of the electric guitar and the other electronic tadbits. The promotion track relies on the beat of percussion, the grace of a beautiful string arrangement, and the whispers of a piano. This is definitely a track where Navi’s poised and elegant vocals is showcased. Her voice sounds great with the backing tracks.

놀라워라 (How Surprising) and 오늘도 난 follow the same route with music arrangement. Their main companion being the piano, however How Surprising relies on strings and a bass. 오늘도 난 is stripped with solely Navi’s voice, a piano, strings, and a lighter bass compared to How Surprising. When those elements are complied together, it creates such a beautiful blend. Navi’s voice is so elegant and soothing to the ears. The downside to the song is how it ends. Within the last minute or so, there is a spot where it sounds as if the song is done. Afterward the song builds itself up and feels out of sync.

The song that started my love for Navi: 마음이 다쳐서 (Heart Damage). I absolutely love the introduction into the song. The song starts out with the mellow tune and breaks into a fantastic beat that accompanies Navi ‘s crisp vocals. The shifts between Crown J’s raps and Navi flows well, however I prefer the song without the rap. :X

Being this far into the album, 끝까지 들어 (Listen to the End) stands out like a sore thumb. After all, there was just five previous tracks that were ballads. It’s an addicting and upbeat song that fits Navi, but  it is misplaced within the album’s tracklist. It doesn’t help at all that the next track is 우리 정말 사랑했어요 (with K.Will) (We Really Did Love Each Other). Yes, another slow track, BUT one of my favorite slow tracks! Last June was my first glimpse of Navi. I was captured by the use of the strings, percussion, and guitar. It’s a bonus to have K.Will in the song because Navi and K.Will (I love this man…) voices have such a fantastic harmony.

I Love You and 길에서 pursuit the same aspects of How Surprising and 오늘도 난. I Love You is the track occupied with a fantastic bunch of music instruments while 길에서 uses softer sounds that emphasis Navi’s gentle vocals. 눈물도 아까워 (Wasteful Tears) is a fantastic way to end the album. Navi’s vocals is charged with much strength especially during the chorus. The upbeat tempo is hard to resist and fun to sing along with and dance to. There is only a minor landslide: Hyun A. I liked her rap, but it felt like it was forced into the song and not to mention it was short.

OVERALL: Hello is filled with Navi goodness from start to end. I love that Navi experiments with her music as shown in the two dance tracks Listen to the End and Wasteful Tears. However, they feel out of place as their stuck in between ballad tracks. It would have been nice if there was a smoother transition between the upbeat and ballad tracks. Other from that, Navi created a concrete debut album. The arrangement of the songs are fantastic and when she uses a lighter arrangement for songs like We Really Did Love Each Other and 오늘도 난 it creates such a elegant ambiance.  I actually thought I’d be disappointed because the lack of new tracks, but I seem to forgot how alluring her previous material is. Hello is definitely a great debut album especially for those who are first listeners.

Beloved Faves: ALL OF ‘EM!



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  1. Totally in love with “Well Done”! I haven’t listened to the rest of the album, but will definitely have to it out now.

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