Artist Discovery: nadia

April 6, 2011

Welcome the electro-pop waves of the project group named nadia (나디아) under Purple Communications and SM Entertainment. The group is a duo and consists of the composer, Hwang Hyun, and female vocalist, Myung In Hee. Many people get confused and think that nadia just consist of Myung In Hee and completely exclude poor Hwang Hyun. Anyways, some may recognize the name since their cover of KARA’s “Mister” garnered much interest from SM Entertainments official YouTube channel. I was lucky to stumble upon them on Last.fm yesterday and completely fell in love with their Mister cover, a softer and soothing version of KARA’s “Mister“. An absolute gorgeous cover.

Three days after their cover, nadia released their debut digital single, Twinkling Boy. Two days after, they released their self-titled mini album on November 20, 2009. They also released two more digital singles the next month, December. Since the release of their last digital single, Love Has Bitter Ends (사랑 그 끝이 참 쓰다), in 2009, they have just vanished!

They left fans some tracks and hopefully they’ll be releasing some new material this year. Crossing my fingers!


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