Fly with Standing Egg

April 13, 2011

Korean indie band, Standing Egg, released their latest single, “Fly”. They are a band that I stumbled upon in February with their release of Have You Ever Fallen In Love with Ra.D” (사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요). I’ve been hooked since, so if you’re looking for indie music with a soft and acoustic sound definitely check them out!



  1. You always find some real gems when it comes to music. Thanks for sharing this! I really loved this song and will definitely have to check more out about this band. It’s funny because they say thanks to the birth of idol bands (FT Island, CNBlue), real indie bands are having a hard time thriving or competing, but despite me liking idol bands, I do favor the true indie bands more ^_^

    • Standing Egg has one album called “Vol. 1 – With”. Definitely check it out! They also have a facebook, so you can friend ’em too! 😀 I really love South Korea’s indie bands! There are a lot of good ones, I’ll try to post more about some in the future so you can listen to them! 🙂

  2. I complain about Facebook, but I love it when Asian entertainers have official Facebook pages. They are so much nicer to check out than MySpace. :)Can’t wait for more indie band updates and I will definitely check out Standing Egg’s album.

    • A lot of the indie bands I listen to have facebook pages and speak English, so it’s nice that they get to communicate with their English-speaking fans!

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