New In Town: Brave Girls

April 13, 2011

Brave Brothers is a former composer and producer for YG Entertainment and has worked with many artists including Big Bang, U-KISS, Sistar, After School, and Som Dam Bi. After leaving YG Entertainment, he created his own label, BRAVE SOUND ENTERTAINMENT. Brave Brothers has been working on his girl group, Brave Girls, since last year. This month, Brave Girls debuted. The group consists of 5 members: Seo Ah, Yoo Jin, Eun Jung, Yeh Jin and Hye Ran.

Brave Girls debuted with their single titled The Difference and was released April 7, 2011. Their title track is “Do You Know” and is accompanied with “So Sexy”. “Do You Know” is quite different from the songs that K-pop is known for releasing. The song is laidback and tackles an R&B sound. It also focuses on the harmony of the girls’ vocals. The girls had their debut stage for their title track on KBS Music Bank, as well as “So Sexy”  on April 8, 2011.

I’m glad these girls are carrying a different sound then the other girl groups except “So Sexy” is a pretty generic pop song I admit. I am hoping they remain in that R&B pipeline, because I love “Do You Know” . It’s nice not having to hear all that auto-tune and the electronic tad-bits. I love listening to the brass instrument in the chorus and the girls voices, it’s absolutely splendid! Check out “Do You Know” music video and members below:



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