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.Welcome to Lost In Paradise (LIP)! I provide reviews (along with some ranting) for Korean and Japanese dramas and music. Not only do I review, I also post Korean and Japanese entertainment news regarding actors/actresses, movies, dramas, and music. The site features different segments which you can read about below.

If you wish to view our past headers, check ’em out. The site was made on June 24, 2010 and was previously named Spill the Drama Beans until Chukuma thought of another name. So she decided to name the site after the song, Lost In Paradise by the then Korean band, Rumble Fish on September 1, 2010.



.Artist Discovery — Sharing a wide variety of artists, bands, and groups from Korea and Japan that are underrated, mildly known (either in their country or outside), or not yet discovered. What can I say? I’m a Certified Underrated Supporter (term from Luminosity).

Drama Recaps If you don’t want to watch an episode, or perhaps you just missed it, read about instead. Dramas will have the honor of being recapped if I absolutely love it and I find no other sites recapping.  If you can’t find the drama recap you’re looking for check at Asian Addicts Annonymous or Drama Beans. Also, this is the drama recap page.

First Impression – The first impression is the best impression. I review an episode of a drama and determine if I shall continue watching it or not. First Impressions may or may not branch off into drama recaps.

News – I post on information that captures my interest. Anything from music, movies, dramas, etc.

Reviews – In-dept reviews on dramas, I just like to provide drama lovers details. I try not to include any spoilers, but sometimes I find it’s needed to express my feelings on the drama. Spoiler alerts are provided before the review, if you wish to know my overall rating and thoughts just go to the last paragraph.



The site’s rating is simple, _ out of 5. My ratings will be done with hearts that have Rilakkuma on them! ;]

ONE RH: You’re kidding, right? Absolutely dreadful… why did I watch this?
Oh my, we need some serious help.
It was all right, but it was lacking.
I enjoyed it a lot.
It could be a positive or negative element in the overall rating. Minor things could take effect that could cause the score to increase or decrease. For example, all the main actors had solid performances except ___ was lacking and not bringing anything to the story.




  1. BearABOUT CHUKUMA: She’s the administrator of LIP and will be doing most of the posting. She is absolutely in love with bears, hence the name Chukuma. Her love with Japanese music and culture began in 2003 when she discovered her favorite singer, Utada Hikaru, on Kingdom Hearts. She began watching J-dramas in ’07 or ’08 and has started watching K-dramas last year. 
  2. ABOUT SPOOFNICK: Chukuma’s editor for reviews and dear friend. She loves, loves, loves DBSK. However, inactive at this moment.

A falling panda is falling....


The first impression is the best impression. While that phrase is true for me in the drama world, the First Impression, is actually a new segment I decided to add onto the site. Basically, it’s where I watch the first episode, leave a review and my impression on it. Before I started my blog, I was always searching for someone that reviewed or recapped the first episode so I could determine if I would enjoy it or not. So courtesy from me. If I enjoy the drama, it will probably branch off into recaps. Who knows?



  1. …I love bears too. I am so glad someone shares this love!!! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your reviews, Chukuma. I haven’t seen many j-drama/k-drama blogs so this will be nice. I’ve added you to my affiliates page! 🙂

  2. Hello Chukuma! I will be watching you!

  3. I love your current header!! It’s the girl from Hotaru no Hikari, I believe. She’s so pretty!

    • Guilty! I love Ayase Haruka! 😀

  4. I’ve gone back to my original url and name now. I need my hits and followers back hahaha! Since you follow my blog, I thought I’d tell you. Here is the url: nynyonlinex.wordpress.com

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