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Artist Discovery: Tomofumi Tanizawa

July 9, 2011

Today, I present the singer Tomofumi Tanizawa (タニザワトモフミ). He is best known for his song Kimi ni Todoke which was used as the opening theme for the anime by the same title. He was born in 1981 in Hida City, Japan located in the Gifu Prefecture.  When he was 15, he learned to play the guitar and started writing his own songs leading him to begin in band activity.

Tanizawa attended a university in Tokyo and decided on going solo in 2003. He released his first mini-album, Kagero, in March of 2004 under Universal Music. He released several other mini-albums: Nanairo (2005), Soraji (2006), and Autobai Shonen (2009). He finally released his first album in 2010 titled Maboroshi Dokei. He recently released his second album, Nihon ni Ochitekita Otoko, this year back in February.

Here is a the PV of Kimi ni Todoke:



July 3, 2011

­THANK GOODNESS IT’S SUMMER! I’ve been waiting to lounge around my house every spring break. No more due dates, projects, reading novels, math homework, and trying to grasp French! Yes! I can now start on my Korean now… Once I stop being lazy. I am also sorry about the rather long, almost two months, hiatus. School was just asking for so much out of me.

Well, the game plan is I wish to watch JIN 2 and possible post a shorter version of recaps. I hope that I will be able to just do major highlights for my recaps, because whenever I do write a recap I tend to write it in full detail like I am writing a novel. I tried doing a recap for Tumbling, that went terrible. I’m also contemplating if I should watch Lie To Me with my favorite Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. City Hunter has also caught my interest, but I am a bit hesitant on watching it because I don’t want to end up losing my interest! Korean dramas just make it too easy for themselves since they take a couple of episodes (2 – 4) to actually start the plot. I cannot wait that long, I am impatient and I want the plot to start moving NOW! Yes, I know, I am too demanding and impatient, but that’s how I tend to stray away from watching Korean dramas because of that single element.

I am very glad to be back, however I have shied away from my love for dramas due to school and because I am focused on other things such as the hilarious Psych and amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender. A girl gets bored when she has no work to do and doesn’t feel like watching her Asian dramas. I know, for a fact, I will be getting into JIN 2 because of season one’s disappointing ending. I’ve also been reading a lot of good reviews for this season so that always makes me happy! I also did a review for the show, so if you’re curious: Violà! I will try getting in a Artist Discovery as well, Rie Fu has been in the spotlight  since I left… I love her, but I just need to have the spotlight on another artist. I will probably throw in a music review if I get bored this week. I’ll try having a post up by this Thursday or Friday, maybe even sooner! We’ll see, until then, see yaaa!~



Artist Discovery: nadia

April 6, 2011

Welcome the electro-pop waves of the project group named nadia (나디아) under Purple Communications and SM Entertainment. The group is a duo and consists of the composer, Hwang Hyun, and female vocalist, Myung In Hee. Many people get confused and think that nadia just consist of Myung In Hee and completely exclude poor Hwang Hyun. Anyways, some may recognize the name since their cover of KARA’s “Mister” garnered much interest from SM Entertainments official YouTube channel. I was lucky to stumble upon them on yesterday and completely fell in love with their Mister cover, a softer and soothing version of KARA’s “Mister“. An absolute gorgeous cover.

Three days after their cover, nadia released their debut digital single, Twinkling Boy. Two days after, they released their self-titled mini album on November 20, 2009. They also released two more digital singles the next month, December. Since the release of their last digital single, Love Has Bitter Ends (사랑 그 끝이 참 쓰다), in 2009, they have just vanished!

They left fans some tracks and hopefully they’ll be releasing some new material this year. Crossing my fingers!


Artist Discovery: Rie fu (リエ フゥ)

February 19, 2011

Well, I am featuring this gem of talent as my current header. Some may know her because her songs have been used for anime series such as Bleach, Gundam SEED DESTINY, and Darker Than Black -Kuro no Keiyaki-. I first heard of Rie fu when I heard “Life Is Like A Boat” from Bleach. I became an instant fan after hearing that song, though I haven’t been listening to her past albums. I’ve only taken a listen to Tobira Album and URBAN ROMANTIC.

In Tokyo, Japan Rie fu was born on January 11, 1985. Her stage name is actually abbreviated from her full name Rie Funakoshi From 1992 to 1995, Rie Fu lived in Maryland, United States with her family. In Maryland, she began playing the piano and gaining her music inspiration from artist such as Sheryl Crow and The Carpenters.

She learned how to play the guitar while in high school and began writing and recording songs. She later sent a demo tape to the record company Sony and they signed her to their Palm Beach label. Rie released her first single on March 21, 2004 titled Rie who!? while she was attending a university in London. Later that year, her song “Life Is Like A Boat” was chosen as the first ending theme for Bleach, garnering her widespread recognition. Rie fu graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design of the University of the Arts London in fine art. She often designs her own album and single booklets and even features her artwork.

Rie fu is known for her soft pop and bilingual songs, as she is fluent in English and Japanese, such as “Until I Say” and “Life Is Like A Boat”. Though, most of her songs are sung in Japanese with some verses in English. She also has some songs entirely in English and has made given some of her Japanese songs a few English versions.

Rie fu has launched a new era on February 16, 2011 with her newest single, For You. Rie hasn’t released any new material since her last album at Rie sessions back in March of 2010. Check out “For You” PV below:


Artist Discovery: Kazusa (和紗)

January 27, 2011

The first time I saw Kazusa was when I was looking through newly released albums during November.  I finally decided to take a listen to her in December when I was checking her out in I listen to her debut album Kimi to Deatta Sono Hi Kara and its a great starting point to start listening to her.

Kazusa Yuasa was born on July 2, 1989 in Kyoto, Japan. Her stage name is her last name, Kazusa. Kazusa was surrounded by music due to her father, who was a drummer, and she was influenced by him for music. She learned to play the piano at the age of three. When Kazusa was in elementary school, she had a dream of being a singer and joined her school’s choir. In high school, she formed a girl group called CanCan, however when she graduated they disbanded. After high school, Kazusa performed with E-Pro and was under the name Kazusa with E-Pro until she met her current producer, Kawaguichi Daisuke. Kazusa was signed with Sony Music Entertainment and made her major debut with her single, “Aitakute”, which was used as the theme song for the TV and radio program Oishii no Uta.

You can watch Kazusa’s recent PV below:

Albums —

[2010.11. 03] Kimi to Deatta Sono Hi Kara

Singles —

[2009.07.29] Aitakute
[2010.03.24] Distance
[2010.09.01] Stand Up For Love

Digital Downloads 

[2009. 07. 01] you were my baby

Music Videos (PV) —

Aitakute (2009)
Distance (2010)
Stand Up For Love (2010)

BlogOfficial Website


Artist Discovery: Daichi Miura

December 30, 2010

My first encounter with Daichi Miura was near the end of this summer with his catchy song Delete My Memories. Before I knew it, I was enjoying his Who’s The Man album. I’m a sucker for the R&B/Soul genre so I was pleased to add another R&B gem alongside Yuya Matsushita. Though I am not a big fan I still thoroughly take pleasure in his music. Read the rest of this entry ?


Artist Discovery: 10cm

September 26, 2010

10cm (십센치) – 아메리카노 (Americano)

I found 10cm while searching around for Brother Su songs on YouTube. I fell in love with their song Tonight, I’m Afraid of the Dark and started looking for more of their music. These guys have to be one of my favorite indie bands from Korea. Their music is laid back and mellow carried by soothing voices that leave me feeling relaxed. Read the rest of this entry ?