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Shiawase ni Narou yo: Episode 1

July 13, 2011

Shiawase ni Narou yo premiered on April 18, 2011 and was able to grab 16.3%. I was actually debating if I should watch this one or not, but I gave it a go and… I really liked it! The show has a captivating cast and a delightful plot.  I’m crossing my fingers that the show doesn’t lose its flame as the story progresses! Now onto that recap: Read the rest of this entry ?



July 3, 2011

­THANK GOODNESS IT’S SUMMER! I’ve been waiting to lounge around my house every spring break. No more due dates, projects, reading novels, math homework, and trying to grasp French! Yes! I can now start on my Korean now… Once I stop being lazy. I am also sorry about the rather long, almost two months, hiatus. School was just asking for so much out of me.

Well, the game plan is I wish to watch JIN 2 and possible post a shorter version of recaps. I hope that I will be able to just do major highlights for my recaps, because whenever I do write a recap I tend to write it in full detail like I am writing a novel. I tried doing a recap for Tumbling, that went terrible. I’m also contemplating if I should watch Lie To Me with my favorite Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. City Hunter has also caught my interest, but I am a bit hesitant on watching it because I don’t want to end up losing my interest! Korean dramas just make it too easy for themselves since they take a couple of episodes (2 – 4) to actually start the plot. I cannot wait that long, I am impatient and I want the plot to start moving NOW! Yes, I know, I am too demanding and impatient, but that’s how I tend to stray away from watching Korean dramas because of that single element.

I am very glad to be back, however I have shied away from my love for dramas due to school and because I am focused on other things such as the hilarious Psych and amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender. A girl gets bored when she has no work to do and doesn’t feel like watching her Asian dramas. I know, for a fact, I will be getting into JIN 2 because of season one’s disappointing ending. I’ve also been reading a lot of good reviews for this season so that always makes me happy! I also did a review for the show, so if you’re curious: Violà! I will try getting in a Artist Discovery as well, Rie Fu has been in the spotlight  since I left… I love her, but I just need to have the spotlight on another artist. I will probably throw in a music review if I get bored this week. I’ll try having a post up by this Thursday or Friday, maybe even sooner! We’ll see, until then, see yaaa!~



EOWO [4]: Distraction is a Gift

January 30, 2011

My rampage for JIN has taken a halt due to school (darn it)! I did manage to finish episode 8 Friday and start on episode 9. I only have three more episodes to go. All I have to do is wait for season 2 which begins in spring. I know some of you may realize I am doing the exact same thing I did with Hotaru no Hikari, but I swear that I didn’t know JIN had a bad ending until I read the reviews. On Friday, I also tried watching Fuyu no Sakura. I am still interested it’s just… I was multitasking on the first impression for SCHOOL!! and I ended up getting engulfed in that. I’m not even half way through on Fuyu no Sakura, but I am liking it so far. The promotion picture looks a bit depressing yet exquisite. Sigh, there’s sure to be plenty of heartbreak and reading the summary doubles the possibility:

“Fuyu no Sakura” is described as a pure love story with similarities to the popular Korean drama “Winter Sonata” (titled “Fuyu no Sonata” in Japan). Kusanagi plays a gentle glass craftsman in Yamagata who has no experience in love. Imai plays an older housewife with a husband and daughter who goes on a trip alone to Yamagata, hoping to see sakura trees blooming in winter. She gets into an accident, but is saved by Kusanagi. He ends up tending to her, and the two are soon drawn to each other.

I tried watching Utsukushii Rinjin, but it went at such a slow pace and started to drag for me. I managed to watch longer than I thought and that was because I wanted to see Nakama Yukie. I only watched Utsukushii Rinjin because I Saijo no Meii and Deka Wanko are not subbed yet.

On project news, I began a recap for Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta. I typed in Taisetsu na Koto on Google (and I will refer to the show as this title). I happened to stumble upon this video. A Bleach musical:

I nearly died of laughter yesterday. It was pretty late and I tend to think the simplest of things are hilarious. I’ve also never knew that musicals were made for animes. Anyway, back to topic. Recap for Taisetsu na Koto sometime this weekend or the next. I want to stay caught up with recapping so I can feel accomplished! Yay!~

On my Forthcoming Project, Navi’s Hello album is still up. I know I was supposed to do it this weekend, but I have to push it back to next week. I have been listening to MAA’s “Ballerina brain system” since my newest friend and affiliate, Pedro (ANTENNA POP), posted about her. I’ve also been listening to Japanese singer Miu Sakamoto and Korean indie band Casker since he did post on them. Thanks Pedro! I am in love with Shota Shimizu’s newest single, YOU & I, and the Japanese instrumental group, sonodaband. They have two – or maybe three – albums available on US iTunes and I am certainly buying their recent album, Renaissance, today. I’ve been discovering new artist left and right this week. I’ll introduce some more next week since there is a lot more on my list of discovery.

To close this week’s overview, take a listen to sonodaband’s song, “Soul River”:

TOP SONGS OF THE WEEK (1/23 – 1/30)

1. MAA – Ballerina brain system
2. MAA – Hangover payback
3. sonodaband – Soul River
4. MiChi – JUMP ON IT (Yes, I am still lovin’ this jam!)
5. Tomofumi Tanizawa – タイムトラベラー


Baker King, Kim Tak Gu: Episode 27

January 17, 2011

Angst. More angst. A surprise. Than when I think it’s nearly over for one episode I get a slap across the face. Thanks Baker King for letting me know that things couldn’t get happy quite yet. We must suffer through the worse before thiings can get better! So here’s the belated recap that I promised, enjoy!

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January 17, 2011

I was instantly captivated by this drama when I saw the official poster, plus Nagai Masaru is looking very sleek with his attire. It is pleasant to watch thirty minute dramas since they are shorter and the plot moves quicker. Sadly, when the drama had premiered I found no one had subbed it and my Japanese is very limited. After searching for a while, I stopped, I just could not find subtitles for this anywhere. I am glad I decided to check recently because there she was waiting for me to watch the first episode which I enjoyed watching. Read the rest of this entry ?


EOWO [2]: Guilty Pleasures Reemerge

January 16, 2011

I cannot believe I overlooked Guilty: Akuma to Keiyaku Shita Onna. Friday and Saturday night was filled with Guilty goodness. I manage to work my way up from episode 1 to 9 in two days. I should finish it today, unless I spend too much time studying. I have not gone in such a rampage since Personal Taste. I haven’t spent too much time watching thriller and crime Japanese drama, but Guilty packs itself good. It’s mysterious, intriguing, and complex. The elements I love about whodunit stories. I just keep coming back for more and want to uncover the mystery. It’s my first time seeing Kanno Miho and her performance is fantastic. I’m not going to give too much away since I wish to do a review, but I definitely recommend it for those who are fond of mystery.

No worries, Baker King fans that recap will be underway shortly. So expect episode 27 recap soon. The same goes for Face Maker. It’s nearly complete. Just need to get those pictures in.

On other news, Spoofnick has showed me Secret Garden. I love it so far. Currently on episode 3 and plan to watch after Guilty. Hyun Bin plays such an eccentric funny goofball, I love it! I encounter this video and cannot get enough of it. It’s too funny!

I have not started on any music reviews, maybe I’ll be able to do one this coming Friday. I really want to do Kazusa debut album, I just recently find her and have fallen in love with her voice! She is definitely underrated and not well known. I have never heard of her until I was interested in her debut album some months ago, but never really listened to it. Also, be prepared for an Artist Discovery coming this coming week. I’m thinking Japanese indie band, or Japanese solo artist. One of those two will be featured! So if you’re curious, stay tuned!

TOP SONGS OF THE WEEK (1/09 – 1/16)

1. Kazusa – Distance
2. Sesame and Cotton Candy – 이즐께
3. Chicago Poodle – ODYSSEY
4. MiChi – Love is
5. Teen Top – Supa Luv


EOWO [1]


Baker King, Kim Tak Gu: Episode 26

September 19, 2010

Sigh, Baker King. Why am I so addicted to you? Perhaps it’s your constant teasing and cliffhangers that keep me coming back for more.

EDIT (9/20): Minor edit.

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